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What are ad impressions? Make money even while you sleep

If you are looking to take your blog from part-time job to Ina Garten-style empire, you’ll need to start with the basics before you lay out some serious ducats for that beach house in the Hamptons.

To start, you need to monetize your blog.

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What better way to bring the Benjamins rolling in than by making money from your website while you sleep (aka slave away perfecting your recipe for coq au vin)? If you are better in the kitchen than at the keyboard, the thought of online marketing can be scarier than a date with Michael Myers. However, if your aim is to build your biz by way of your blog, you will need to know a few key ad jargon terms in order to add to your bank account.

One important way you can raise money via the internet is to have advertisers place ads on your site and charge by impressions. An ad impression is a way of calculating how the ad on your page measures up to the rest of the ad traffic on the information superhighway. MediaPost explains that an impression is created every time a visitor to your site loads your page and, thus, the server is contacted to load an image.

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The great thing about ad impressions is that they don’t require any clicking from your viewers. To be counted as an impression, the user visiting your site doesn’t have to take any action other than firing up your fresh, hot content. You and your advertiser can even get double the pleasure when courting users — if you have vertical ads listed, where the visitor has to scroll to get to the content, that can count as more than one impression without so much as a click, according to Brick Marketing.

That means your ad campaign is reaching people right away without making them jump through hoops. Whether it is driving them to take action, is another story. Because of this, impression numbers aren’t the only measurement of a winning campaign, since the ultimate goal is usually a consumer purchase.

Why do ad impressions make such an impression? With this method, digital marketers have a quantitative way to prove how many lookie loos are actually stopping by the site and peeking at your content. Whereas with magazine ads you’d have to take a stab in the dark as to whether or not they are skipping right by the ads (and maybe missing your brilliant blog on buttercream frosting), a digital ad can measure exactly who has fired up that particular page.

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Sure, impression tracking may sound a bit “Big Brother” to some, but not unlike a big brother who is looking out for you so you get the kind of user engagement to make your site a smashing success.

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