Watch ‘What the Fudge,’ a healthy baking show from Katie Higgins of Chocolate Covered Katie

Katie Higgins, the blogger behind Chocolate Covered Katie, is bringing you her most popular healthy recipes with step by step instructions in her new show What the Fudge

What to expect from What the Fudge

In Season 1 of What the Fudge, Katie is serving up some delicious desserts with surprising and, often, unexpected healthy twists. (Who knew you could use chickpeas to make a delicious, edible cookie dough!)

Katie Higgins’ love affair with chocolate started at an early age, when she was notorious for sneaking a plateful of cookies off the table.

Since then, her obsession has evolved into the popular healthy dessert blog, Chocolate Covered Katie. What sets her apart from the other foodies is her innovative recipes for healthy desserts that taste downright sinful. Her motto? She doesn’t want it to be “good, for a healthy dessert”; she wants it to simply be a good dessert.

And boy does she deliver. What the Fudge serves up eight episode with eight different delectable, healthy recipes like cauliflower chocolate cake, healthy butterfingers, chocolate oatmeal no-bake bars and more!

Secret ingredients you’ll have to try to believe

In the first episode of What the Fudge, Katie shares her Secretly Healthy Chocolate Fudge recipe.

“Out of all the recipes that are on my blog, one that I still make for myself years after I posted it is this Secretly Healthy Chocolate Fudge,” says Katie.

The secret ingredient: overripe bananas.

“You might be surprised to know there are bananas in here. But trust me, it’s going to taste delicious,” says Katie.

The trick is to use ripe bananas that are brown and mushy; anything fresher will throw off the flavor. “You want super-overripe bananas because they just really bring out the natural sweetness,” she explains.

“If you have ever made a banana dessert and it tastes a little earthy, that’s because the bananas weren’t ripe enough. You want to make sure that they’re really ripe. I know they might not look like the most appetizing thing you’ve ever seen in your life, but trust me, these are the ones you want to use,” Katie says.

It’s all about balance

What the Fudge also has a healthy message for viewers, one that focuses on balance and self-love. “I try to stress the importance of balance… of being kind to yourself,” Katie explains.

In fact, even though she obviously loves healthy desserts, she also loves the occasional splurge on the real thing. “If you want to eat an unhealthy food every now and then, that’s OK… and not only is it OK, but I think it’s the healthy thing to do. Being restrictive is not fun, and it’s actually unhealthy in the long run.”

What the Fudge premieres Feb. 4, 2019 on YouTube.

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What the Fudge is an eight-part, unscripted original video series created and produced by Grateful Ventures, a Gannett Co. Inc. company and part of the USA TODAY Network.

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