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Valentine’s Day gifts for the food blogger in your life

This Valentine’s Day, ditch the flowers for a gift the food blogger in your life will love to have in the kitchen.

From useful trinkets to adorable gadgets, these Valentine’s Day-themed gifts will put a smile on any foodie’s face.

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Heart-shaped waffle maker

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy the wonders of the heart-shaped waffle maker. Bring the nostalgia to your Valentine’s Day breakfast with this classic gift.

Heart-shaped bamboo cheese board

If you’ve got a cheese lover on your hands, this is the gift that will please their heart and their stomach. Plus, it also comes with cheese and wine tools, the perfect set if you’re planning a romantic picnic.

Heart-shaped egg pan

Breakfast gets a romantic twist with this heart-shaped egg pan. It’s the perfect size for two eggs cooked just the way your partner likes ’em.

Mini heart muffin pan

Up your muffin game with this heart-shaped muffin pan. Bonus: It can also be used for cupcakes or mini pies by those who are dessert aficionados.

Heart-shaped bamboo spoon

Stir in some love this Valentine’s Day with this heart-shaped bamboo cooking spoon. The handle even features the saying “made with love.”

Elegant heart Bundt pan

A cake to end all Valentine’s Day cakes — this Bundt pan is beautiful and romantic, especially if it comes bearing cake. Chocolate? Red velvet? Strawberry? It doesn’t matter the flavor.

Stainless steel heart measuring spoons

Inexpensive, adorable and, most importantly, a useful kitchen tool, these measuring spoons are an affordable little gift.

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Heart-shaped measuring cups

Why just get measuring spoons when you can get cups, too? These measuring cups have even been themed for Valentine’s Day with colorful options.

Classic coffee and tea inside out heart cups and saucers

For the classy partner in your life, this set of tea cups and saucers is made from fine porcelain. The heart-shaped saucers and cups are available in different colors, too, if you aren’t feeling the dainty pink and gold.

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