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California food bloggers spotlight

California is a state known for its innovative tech, impressive scenery and, most importantly, its rich food culture, which food bloggers are showcasing in all its glory.

Whether you’re looking for the best places to eat while in the Golden State, or searching the web for a perfect cheesecake recipe, this list of trendy California food bloggers covers it all.

A House in the Hills

Sarah Mora is the photographer and chef behind this personal lifestyle blog. While Mora features her travel adventures, home decor DIY and clothing style, she also posts lots of tasty food recipes created in her own kitchen. Furthermore, this San Diego blogger claims that she began the blog as a way to “focus more time on the things [she is] passionate about.” Her passion quickly grew into the lively blog that is A House in the Hills.

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Do you meal prep?! I’m talking about how it saves my 🍑 on the regular and also sharing this recipe for a roasted cauliflower rice bowl with veggies and pesto grilled chicken today on my blog. (linked in my profile) ☺️ Meals like this happen in our house ONLY because I batch cook like a beast when I have kitchen time! Do you have any tips for managing healthy eating in the busy-ness of life and family? Would love to hear, we can use all the help we can get!!! XX . . #bonappetite #thefeedfeed #f52grams #easyrecipe #feedfeed #aip #crohnsdisease #foodandwine #foodgawker #buzzfeedfood #eeeeeats #buzzfeast #healingwithfood #aipdiet #autoimmuneprotocol #autoimmunedisease #healthyeats #grilledchicken #beetsdontkalemyvibe

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What’s Gaby Cooking

The foodie behind this blog exemplifies what it means to be a true Californian, with her sunny and bright style. Gaby Dalkin began her career in culinary school before quickly getting a job as a private chef. She worked for families in Los Angeles before making the leap and deciding to go full-time with her blog. If you’re looking for the perfect balance of deliciously indulgent desserts and healthy dishes, make sure to check out her blog — you won’t be disappointed!

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Eat The Love

Eat The Love is a blog started by Irvin Lin that focuses on both baking and cooking. While his cooking recipes are just as appetizing, Lin states that his love for baking is stronger because of the science behind it. With his website being an attempt to teach readers how to “eat the love,” Lin shares his recipe creations, stories and food photography with the world.

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Ev’s Eats

Evi Aki, also known as Ev, started her blog to “showcase [her] love and passion for food and all the yummy goodness it has to offer.” Not only does she come up with her own recipes, but she also enjoys taking old recipes and developing them to be her own. Furthermore, Aki believes that food creates important connections between people. With her diverse collection of dishes, her recipes truly can bring people together. Ev’s Eats is perfect for anyone seeking cooking inspiration.

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Culinary Hill

This blog, managed by Meggan Hill, features delectable comfort food recipes. Hill claims that her recipes taste even better because she modernizes them without compromising any of the original authenticity. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Hill knows traditional Midwestern recipes and understands just how to perfect them. Hill states, “This is modern home cooking with a Midwestern heart, the kind of food that never gets old but is always fondly remembered.”

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A Cozy Kitchen

Adrianna Adarme, from A Cozy Kitchen, creates recipes inspired by her Latin-American background. She creates spins on traditional classics from both Peru and Colombia, as well as simple baked goods like pastries, cakes and pie. In 2016, Adarme released A Cozy Coloring Cookbook that featured 40 tasty recipes that could also be colored in. Her creative spin on a cookbook demonstrates her innovative, yet charming, style.

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Healthy. Happy. Life.

Healthy. Happy. Life. is a blog by Kathy Patalsky, cookbook author and website founder. Patalsky explains that her mission is to “inspire everyday people to eat more plants.” All of her recipes are vegan and show how a healthy and sustainable lifestyle can be tasty and manageable. She also uses her blog to express the importance of compassion toward animals, and how easy it is to cook without using meat.

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✏️I’m launching a big independent brand project later this weekend (update: postponing a bit due to the devastating fires. But coming soon, stay tuned.) As a ‘recovering perfectionist,’ I had been delaying this launch until things were “perfect.” You’ve been there, yes? But eventually, I convinced/reminded myself that #PerfectDoesntExist. And there also will never be a “perfect time” for ✨anything.✨ When things feel “pretty good,” well that may be the very BEST time for everything. And in fact, what some ppl call ‘imperfections’ are actually what make us (and our work) unique, beautiful and memorable. So go ahead and work your ass off in (anything) in life. Then, keep it going. Onto the next part. Don’t stall in the empty waiting room of Dr.Perfect. 👩🏻‍⚕️ She never shows up!! So how do you do it? Smash the desire to want perfection? My tip is to focus on ONE thing that you think is in fact “pretty perfect” about the event/project/timing/whatever and stay focused on that as you “launch” your imperfect project. Pat yourself on the back for something and shrug your shoulders at the other stuff. 🤷🏻‍♀️💯🙋🏻‍♀️👏👉😊 Hope you are having a ‘pretty perfect’ Friday.

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The Amateur Gourmet

In 2004, Adam Roberts started his blog: a place for those new and willing chefs ready to make mistakes in the kitchen. This Los Angeles-based influencer not only creates and inspires people to try new recipes, he also documents and reviews his own culinary findings from all over the world. His recipe archive features a surplus of dishes, ranging from vegetarian entrées to chocolatey desserts. New and old chefs can find ease and comfort in Roberts’ recipes.

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She’s not just a blogger, Detoxinista owner, Megan Gilmore, describes herself as a “former fast food junkie turned Certified Nutritionist Consultant.” She uses her blog as an outlet to share her lifestyle tips and fast, healthy recipes. For people who avoid certain ingredients, all of her dishes are gluten- and refined sugar-free, and most of them are paleo- and vegan-friendly. Gilmore also tries her best to develop dishes that aid with digestion. Whether you’re living a healthy lifestyle or just looking for simple, delicious recipes, this blog has it all.

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Your MEAL PLAN for the week is up on the blog! This week I’ll be preparing some make-ahead pizza crusts that I can use for easy Mediterranean pizzas like this one all week long. 😍 • FYI— My LIVE meal prep will be tomorrow (Sunday night!) at 8:30pm CST this week because of my Kansas City event on Monday night with @rainydaybooks 🙌🏻 If you’re in the KC area, I hope to see you there! • To get the complete meal plan, or if you want to meal prep along with me tomorrow night, click on my profile 👉 @detoxinista for a direct link to the post to get the recipes! • • • • #mealprepsunday #sundaymealprep #healthymealprep #dairyfreemeals #glutenfreerecipes #mealprepmonday #veganmealprep #mealprepping #mealprepmondays #healthyrecipeideas #mealplans #mealplanning #mealplanner #detoxinista

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A Side of Sweet

San Fransisco resident Kelly Huibregtse founded this lifestyle blog to showcase her step-by-step recipes, as well as style, travel and DIY tips. Not only does Huibregtse enjoy creating recipe content, she works full-time as a pediatrician. She describes her mission as being to “help [readers] feel balanced and confident in an often hectic world,” and she achieves this by sharing her delectable recipes.

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Jessica Gavin

Certified food scientist and certified culinary scientist Jessica Gavin resides in Orange County with her husband and two kids. She began her blog as a way to share recipes developed within the walls of her test kitchen. As a result of her vast experience and education in the culinary world, she uses science to create wholesome, high-quality recipes. Gavin also mentions that she challenges herself by producing dishes that are both eye-catching and flavorful.

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