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Arizona food bloggers spotlight

It may be surprising, but Arizona’s food scene is booming. The desert is ripe with local flavor and inspiration from all over the world. Luckily, food bloggers are here for it and are serving up some delicious recipes and signature tastes from the state.

Take a peek at some of the trendiest food bloggers Arizona has to offer.

Geeks Who Eat

Now you don’t have to choose between dinner or a movie. Your dream team, Sarah and Matthew of Geeks Who Eat, playfully bring pop culture and food together. Recipes inspired by comic books, films, television and video games are their specialty. How fun is that? So check out some of their recipes and plan a night in filled with lighthearted fun and great food.

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Cooking with Confetti

Becca Robson is the Arizona queen of celebrating. The food enthusiast who loves to throw a party brings her passion for both to you in her popular blog, Cooking with Confetti. She playfully and elegantly shares fresh delicious recipes, as well as lifestyle, fashion and wellness tips.

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Justin Eats

Justin Eats is a food, dining and travel blog by Justin Lee. A hospitality industry professional by day, Justin shares stories about the industry, and the people and food that make it tick. You won’t find recipes here, but what you will find are the latest happenings in the booming Arizona food scene.

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Pen and Fork

One of the mainstays of the culinary writing scene in Phoenix is blogger Gwen Ashley Walters. Her very popular blog, Pen and Fork, has won numerous awards. It continues to be a source of new recipes and food happenings around the valley. Gwen is also a classically trained chef, so you know the cooking tips and recipes you are getting are spot-on! You will love the range of knowledge — from cooking at home, to dining out, to the latest culinary trends. The author of three cookbooks, her blog is one you don’t want to miss!

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New Darlings

Gorgeous married couple Robert and Christina share their lives with the world in their blog, New Darlings. This travel, lifestyle and food blog follows their day-to-day happenings and travels. Grab a peek inside their trips around the world, dinners in, and everyday antics in this fun and charming blog.

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Neon Be

Decorating, lifestyle, beauty and food are blogger Cassie’s specialty in Neon Be. She loves all things pretty, and she passionately shares them with her readers. From simple recipes made at home, to home decorating tips, Cassie has your back in her unique and inspiring blog.

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To Have + To Host

Sharing tips on tablescapes, flatwear, cocktails and food, To Have + To Host, from Phoenix bogger Lory Parson, is a bevy of knowledge. An avid entertainer and mom, Parson knows a thing or two about throwing a party!

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