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The most satisfying matcha dessert recipes

Desserts with superpower health benefits? Yes, please!

Matcha powder, a Japanese specialty made from finely ground green tea leaves, is packed with detoxifying antioxidants and is said to boost metabolism, prevent diseases, lower blood sugar and even uplift your mood. It delivers a uniquely rich, vegetal, sweet flavor to desserts — plus a beautiful bright green color!

These must-try treats will satisfy both your sweet tooth and your health.

Layered matcha tiramisu

This beautiful layered tiramisu from The Sweetest Kitchen puts a Japanese spin on the classic. By brushing the lady fingers with sweetened matcha tea instead of the traditional espresso, they take on a deep, rich jade color. Matcha is also incorporated into half of the mascarpone cream, giving the final dessert a three-tone ombré effect. A final topping of homemade praline made with black sesames gives the dessert a crunchy, nutty finish.

Image credit: The Sweetest Kitchen

Matcha mint protein pancakes

What better way to start the day than with a breakfast that’s also dessert? These matcha-infused pancakes from Honey and Figs are made using spelt flour, an ancient grain with a mellow, nutty flavor that gives them a healthy boost of fiber and protein. Added protein powder also gives them the power to stick with you — and keep you focused — all morning long. And because the recipe uses a flax-based egg and coconut milk, the pancakes are vegan-friendly.

Image credit: Honey and Figs

Matcha baked doughnuts

The perfect snacking sweet, these matcha doughnuts from Cooking LSL get a double dose of matcha in both the doughnuts and the glaze. And because they’re baked and not fried, the doughnuts have a more cake-like texture and are much easier to make than traditional doughnuts. A hint of vanilla complements the slightly sweet, astringent flavor of the matcha, while coconut oil (a healthy fat!) makes them extra moist.

Image credit: Cooking LSL

Matcha-frosting-topped chocolate cupcakes

These matcha-frosted cupcakes from Pass the Sushi are perfect for a spring party or St. Patrick’s Day. A quick and easy matcha cream cheese frosting (it takes minutes to make!) instantly upgrades classic chocolate cupcakes. You’ll love the beautiful color of the green tinted frosting — no artificial food coloring needed.

Image credit: Pass the Sushi

Gluten-free matcha coconut cookie bars

If you’re going gluten-free, you know how difficult it can be to find satisfying baked goods. These tasty matcha bars from Fearless Dining use a combo of gluten-free flour and almond flour to give them the structure they need for a satisfying end product. An ample amount of matcha (three tablespoons) gives them a healthy boost of antioxidant power. Bits of shredded coconut, white chocolate chips and toasted pecans make the bars practically irresistible to anyone — gluten-free or not!

Image credit: Fearless Dining

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