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Unique New Year’s Eve cocktail ideas from The Kentucky Gent

Josh Johnson of The Kentucky Gent is all about bringing you what’s trendy. And that, of course, includes some delicious cocktail recipes perfect for New Year’s Eve. 

“The Kentucky Gent started as a way for me to show that Southern boys have style, too,” says Johnson. “Since the site’s inception, it has expanded into a fully fledged men’s life and style blog; consider it the worldwide web’s ‘Gateway to the South’ where I share my passion for fashion, food, grooming and travel.”

And this stylish blogger knows how to do cocktails right. If you’re looking for a fun and unique recipe this New Year’s Eve, look no further. Johnson has got you covered.

Tequila cold brew

Looking for a little pick-me-up so you can make it to midnight this year? Look no further than this recipe for tequila-spiked cold brew. Complement it with cream and simple syrup and you won’t have any trouble staying up late while sipping this delicious cocktail.

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Grown-up chocolate milk

Just because you leave the kids at home this New Year’s Eve, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some chocolate milk — with tequila. Johnson also takes this cocktail up a notch by adding in some orange liqueur to top it off.

Image credit: The Kentucky Gent
Red wine spritzer

Quick and easy to make, this spritzer recipe combines red wine with fruit, like blackberries, and spice, like cinnamon and cloves. Think chilled mulled wine with a fizz. Yup, delightful.

Image credit: The Kentucky Gent
Honey thyme lemonade

Who doesn’t like a good lemonade? But just like hot chocolate, you don’t need kids to enjoy this treat on New Year’s Eve, especially when you add bourbon and then class it up with some thyme. This cocktail recipe is refreshing, light and surprisingly simple.

Image credit: The Kentucky Gent

Called the Jubil8 because it incorporates Ale-8-One, this cocktail is a twist on the classic mint julep. Mint, ginger, sugar and, of course, bourbon are at the core of this cocktail, traditionally served over crushed ice.

Image credit: The Kentucky Gent
Cranberry Old Fashioned

There is something about an Old Fashioned that makes it so perfect for the winter months. Pair that with some cranberries, and this cocktail is just what your New Year’s Eve guests will be craving.

Image credit: The Kentucky Gent

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