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Launching a food blog? These six influencers share their best advice to help you start smart

Who better to help guide you on your way to food blogger stardom than fellow bloggers and influencers?

These savvy, full-time foodies know their way around social media almost as well as they know their way around a kitchen. If you are trying to reach the pinnacle of food blog success, then these words of wisdom are not to be missed.

We asked six successful food bloggers for their best advice for aspiring influencers. Their answers might surprise you!

Beth Budge Bytes
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Beth Moncel of Budget Bytes

“Focus on creating good content. You can use all the blogging and SEO tricks you want, but if you’re not creating content that people want, need or can’t get somewhere else, you won’t build an audience. People need a reason to come to you — and a reason to come back. Know who you are speaking to, know what their problems are, and give them solutions to those problems.”

Mama O'Neill
Image credit: Mama O’Neill
Lindsay O’Neill of Mama O’Neill

“My advice for food influencers is to keep it real. Don’t ‘should’ all over yourself. Just be you. Find a niche and focus on that. Have fun, because when you’re having fun, your viewers will have fun, too!”

Image credit: Butter, Love and Hardwork
Chris Ford of Butter, Love and Hardwork

“Be yourself! In a world of so many of these things, people love people that are real. The real story, truth, vision and just yourself. Being authentic has so much more value than putting on a face for followers.”

Image credit: With Love, From Kat
Image credit: With Love, From Kat
Kat Tanita of With Love, From Kat

“Don’t try to be something you’re not. Find your voice and your niche, be confident in yourself and share your knowledge and passion with the world.

“And don’t expect to make money from blogging right away; it took me two years to be able to support myself on blogging income alone, and I had several other full-time jobs and side hustles in the meantime.”

Tania-Sheff (1)
Image credit: Cooktoria
Tania Sheff from Cooktoria

“I would suggest putting a lot of time and energy into improving photography. It was definitely the turning point for me.”

Top Chef - Season 14
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Chef Brooke Williamson of Top Chef Fame

“I think whatever inspires you creatively is what you should focus on. I think getting into the food space because it’s popular or hip or seems glamorous is definitely not the reason to get into anything. And I think that shows through in your presentation of who you are.

“I think remaining authentic and genuine to who you are is the most important thing. If you’re passionate about being in a certain area of this food space then I say more power to you. I’m sort of of the old school mentality where you worked really hard to get recognition for stuff that you were passionate about. I still stay true to that.”

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