Watch Sprinkled, a new baking show with Sally McKenney of Sally’s Baking Addiction

Sally McKenney, the blogger and cookbook author behind Sally’s Baking Addiction, is breaking down her favorite recipes in the first season of Sprinkled, a new video series for the ones who like it sweet.

What to expect from Sprinkled

Shorter than the cooking shows you see on TV but longer than the one-minute Tasty clips in your Facebook feed, Sprinkled is a show for people who think they can’t bake.

“I want them to see that baking from scratch is approachable. And not only that, it’s fun, too,” says Sally. “Each episode is about 10 minutes, and I talk you through the recipe from start to finish,” she says. “Achieving the perfect texture and what to do when something goes wrong — it’s all on the table.”

And she’s no stranger to making mistakes. “I still make mistakes all the time,” she says, describing a recent ganache gone wrong. “I wanted to top [a black forest cake] with chocolate ganache. I was just kind of eyeballing it, and I didn’t put in enough cream,” she says. In a hurry, she spread it on the cake anyway. “It was too thick and the cake was cold because I chilled it, so that thickened the ganache even more. It looked atrocious.”

The only solution? Scrape it off and start over.

Tough lessons with tasty results

Yeasted bread was another recent lesson for Sally. “I love baking yeasted breads, but I mean, they can be complicated and they can be scary,” says Sally. On a recent trip, fellow blogger Zoë François of ZoëBakes gave her some advice that stuck — forget the rules.

“She wasn’t proofing the yeast or using a dough hook. She just gets right in there. She was breaking the rules, and so many light bulbs were going off in my head. I feel like I’ve always followed the rules so articulately when it comes to baking bread. And she was like, ‘Just get messy with it. Making bread dough is just adding a bunch of ingredients to a bowl.'”

And just as Zoë inspired Sally, Sally wants to inspire you. “Baking is therapeutic for me. It’s just so satisfying. And that’s what I want readers to do, too, after watching episodes of Sprinkled. I want them to have confidence they can do it completely from scratch,” she says.

Baking is a labor of love

In the first episode, Sally walks through the quirks of baking a natural strawberry cake, and in one of the most popular episodes (above), she bakes the perfect chewy chocolate chunk cookie. For that, it was all about texture. “I feel like it’s really easy to have a cookie come out crisp and crumbly, and that’s delicious, but I really prefer a chewy cookie,” she says. Lucky for us, she’s put in the hours to create one.

“It takes long hours, a lot of concentration, a lot of focus, but at the heart of it, if there’s passion there, if you really love what you’re doing, none of that will feel like work,” says Sally. “It’s easy to compare yourself to others.” But her advice is to be confident in what you’re creating and focus on that the most. Hopefully, Sprinkled can get you one step closer.

Catch the full show at and learn more about Sally below.

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Sprinkled is an eight-part, unscripted original video series created and produced by Grateful Ventures, a Gannett Co. Inc. company and part of the USA TODAY Network.

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