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Southern, from-scratch recipes from Divas Can Cook

Craving some soulful, Southern, down-home cooking? The kind of food that is deeply satisfying, flavorful and pure comfort, but also simple to make? Look no further than food blogger Monique Kilgore of Divas Can Cook.

Having grown up in a huge family full of women who cook from scratch, Kilgore started Divas Can Cook as a way to share her favorite simplified Southern-inspired recipes with busy women (and men) and encourage them to cook from scratch, too.

On her blog, you’ll find a fun, down-to-earth approach to cooking with video recipes that casually guide you through the entire process. Kilgore’s hope is that the site will inspire you to get into the kitchen and bring back that beautiful tradition of home-cooked meals.

Kilgore believes cooking is an art that deserves to be enjoyed and admired, and you can build your kitchen confidence with her easy, tried-and-true recipes. Her motto is, “Have fun! It’s OK to be silly in the kitchen! Dance, sing, relax and let your creativity emerge!”

Check out some of her signature recipes below.

Southern fried pickles

A classic Southern treat — the fried pickle. So much goodness in a single bite. It is perfection. Monique’s recipe for Southern fried pickles has fine-tuned the art by making them super simple and extra crispy with a wonderfully tangy dipping sauce. The vinegar of the pickle with the spice of the crispy batter and salt will make your mouth water. Surprise your guests with this totally fun and unique appetizer.

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Creamy Southern stone-ground grits

Is any food more Southern than grits? We think not. If you are craving this Southern comfort food, give this recipe for creamy Southern stone-ground grits a try. Like most of her recipes, these are the grits Monique grew up with. They feature stone-ground grits, versus the instant stuff found in the stores. This variety is more coarse and proves to be so much creamier. A little half and half, butter, salt and pepper — and a lot of whisking — and you have yourself a quintessential bowl of perfect Southern grits.

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Southern whipped cream cheese pound cake

Looking for a Southern and super-decadent dessert? Well, look no further. This Southern whipped cream cheese pound cake folds in heavy cream to the finished batter, making for a super moist and luscious cake. Like most of these recipes, it is from scratch, and well worth it! The beauty of this cake is it gets better as it sits, so it’s a perfect make-ahead dessert! Make it your own with toppings and frosting that you desire.

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Easy Southern peach cobbler

Craving a truly comforting dessert? We have just the recipe for you! This easy Southern peach cobbler is like getting a hug in the form of dessert. Sweet, juicy peaches and buttery, warm crust are a glorious pair. Just a few uncomplicated ingredients, as is a signature of Monique’s, and you will have yourself a perfectly Southern end to your meal.

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Country fried buttermilk chicken tenders

Sure, you’ve had chicken tenders. But you’ve never had chicken tenders like these! Country fried buttermilk chicken tenders are rustic and wonderfully crunchy. These craving-worthy chicken tenders will win your heart. Putting a modern twist on a Southern classic, Monique uses easy chicken tenders for this recipe. Soaked in buttermilk and coated in a perfect blend of spices, you’ll never go back to store-bought chicken tenders again.

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Southern smothered turkey wings

Looking for a soul food favorite? These Southern smothered turkey wings are where it’s at. Bake low and slow in the oven to get these wings perfectly tender and juicy. Just the way Monique’s grandma used to make them! Smothered in homemade gravy alongside your favorite sides, this dish is an absolute Sunday meal favorite.

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