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Smartphone and tablet apps for bloggers

A lot has changed since the early days of blogging. And we mean a lot. Blogging is no longer just an idle hobby — akin to whispering into the wild beyond with little hope of hearing anyone answer back. Long gone are the primitive days of boxy desktop PCs and equally limiting dial-up.

Today, blogs are an integral part of the fabric of online culture. And, even better, anyone can be a blogger. From the at-home hobbyist to major news networks, practically every type of person or organization has dabbled in blogging.

This can be attributed to the fact that the technology of blogging has evolved immensely since Justin Hall made the first “weblog” post while still a student at Swarthmore College in 1994. Seemingly every day, a new app pops up, allowing bloggers even more accessibility and convenience than ever before.

What a time to be alive! Especially for you, since we did the legwork by compiling and organizing the best smartphone and tablet apps for bloggers (sans social media, because we’re positive you’ve got a handle on that). The following technology can help you do everything from curate posts to track your analytics.

Blogging platforms

This could seem like stating the obvious, but you’d be surprised how many bloggers assume they’ll never need to have their blogging platform at their fingertips. Downloading the free app version of your platform allows you to write posts, upload pics, manage comments and more in a pinch.

Blogger (Android, iOS)

WordPress (Android, iOS)

Squarespace (Android, iOS)

Productivity and planning

Once you start treating blogging as a business, you realize that note-taking and to-do lists can be powerful tools. Productivity and planning apps allow you to log impromptu brainstorming sessions, snap photos and refer to them later, create to-do lists, and organize, well, everything. It’s like having a personal assistant in your pocket.

Wunderlist (Android, iOS)

Evernote (Android, iOS)

OneNote (Android, iOS)

Google Keep (Android, iOS)

Awesome Note (Android, iOS)

Simplenote (Android, iOS)

Time management

Time is money, and no one wants to squander either. Alas, the life of a blogger can feel decidedly free range, making it easy to throw your schedule to the wayside. Time-management apps do everything from track your minutes to remind you it’s time to move to the next task.

RescueTime (Android, iOS)

Smarter:Time (Android)

Your Hour (Android)

StayFree (Android, iOS)

Focus Booster (Android, iOS)

Toggl (Android, iOS)


While this part of blogging likely doesn’t do much to satiate your creative side, analytics are incredibly important to bloggers — especially if you hope monetize. Having these apps handy lets you check in on your blog progress at any given time.

Google Analytics (Android, iOS)

AdSense (Android, iOS)


Far and away, one of the best developments in blogging history has been apps that basically do part of the work for you. Yes, you still have to write your blog posts. And, naturally, you need to drive traffic to your blog with that content. However, the following apps can pitch in later by making scheduling and sharing a breeze.

CoSchedule (Android, iOS)

Tailwind (Android, iOS)

Buffer (Android, iOS)

Preview (Android, iOS)


For bloggers who work in a collaborative environment or bloggers who are organizational aficionados, workflow apps are where it’s at. Bonus? Not only do they give you a system for organizing posts, but that system is also typically cute and color-coded. Win!

Trello (Android, iOS)

Airtable (Android, iOS)

Asana (Android, iOS)

Graphics and photography

Ask any magazine or web editor and they’ll tell you the same: Beautiful design and photography sets a blogger apart. Fortunately, there are some mindblowingly brilliant apps available today that can help any blogger achieve pro-level results.

Adobe Spark Post (Android, iOS)

Snapseed (Android, iOS)

VSCO (Android, iOS)

Lightroom Mobile (Android, iOS)

Photoshop Fix (Android, iOS)

Facetune (Android, iOS)

LightX Photo Editor (Android, iOS)

Pixlr (Android, iOS)


If you’re part of a team, you’ll need a system of communication that doesn’t entail scrolling back through 10,000 texts every time you need to track down information. Enter the new age of messaging apps with advanced capabilities like video conferencing and public channels.

Slack (Android, iOS)

Google Hangouts (Android, iOS)

Addappt (Android, iOS)

Pushover (Android, iOS)

Skype (Android, iOS)

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