Smart blogging goals for 2019

It’s almost the new year, which means, for bloggers, we’re rethinking our strategies and goals so we can make 2019 the most successful blogging year yet.

There are countless creative ways to grow your blog. So how do you know where you should put your focus? We put together a list of smart blogging goals for 2019 so you can utilize the current best practices.

Research affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to develop another revenue stream on your blog or website. According to New York Times best-selling author Neil Patel, affiliate marketing allows you to advertise other people’s products for a cut of the money. By tapping into your desired demographic, that product or company stands to reach a wider audience and, as a result, increase sales. As you take a cut of that profit, it’s a win for all parties involved.

The most popular is Amazon’s Affiliate program, and it’s easy to implement it as a part of your blogging strategy for increased traffic and profits.

Best podcasts for bloggers new and old

Refresh old content

In a world of ever-changing technology and fads, we have to be on our toes. Articles have the potential to go viral in mere moments if you take advantage of current trends. But there is no need to reinvent the wheel all the time. Simply updating keywords, links, photos, layout — maybe even the title — can give your blog the boost it needs.

You can even update content on your social platforms, specifically on Pinterest, which has been found to be an effective strategy for bringing new attention to your site.

Pinterest marketing expert Alisa Meredith recommends looping your content on Pinterest based on seasonality, “I think for a food blogger, something that they might really love is a seasonal loop. So you probably have some content that does a lot better at holiday time or summertime. You can create a loop that will, each year, start pinning for you at the right time, and then stop when that time is done.”

Make it a goal this year to set up these loops on your platform using technology like the Tailwind app.

Test different email opt-In strategies

Who doesn’t want more people on their email list? The more avid followers of your blog, the greater the profits and growth potential for you. But each demographic is going to respond to various opt-in strategies differently.

The most popular opt-in opportunity is with a pop-up when someone arrives at your page. This can easily be set up through a plugin. You’ve seen it before. You arrive at a blogger’s site and they ask you to keep in touch by entering your email address.

The most effective opt-in strategies are simple, to the point and don’t require too many clicks for your users. We recommend experimenting with these opt-in opportunities when someone arrives at your site, when someone is about to leave and at the end of posts. Try these different opt-ins one at a time in order to avoid inundating your followers. No one likes a nag.

Update privacy and disclosure policies

In this constantly evolving and rapidly moving world, it’s important to stay on top of protecting your businesses. Not only is sharing your privacy and disclosure policies a great way to build trust with your followers (because you’re being transparent), it’s also mandated by law for certain businesses. (You most likely don’t need to worry about this if you’re a new blogger, but it is something to keep in mind as you grow.)

Not sure what to include in your privacy and disclosure policy page? There are tons of sites, like Shopify (great for store owners) and TermsFeed, that have privacy policy generators that will help create the right verbage for you.

Ways to accelerate the growth of your blog

Network and write guest blogs

Networking can help to crack open your world of online opportunities. Even the most successful bloggers rely on their network of like-minded people as the key to their continued success.

Joining online chat rooms or Facebook groups is an easy, free way to start collaborating with bloggers like you.

Follow bloggers on Instagram — both your blogging idols and bloggers who are just starting out, too. Making these social media connections will allow you to boost each other up the ladder.

From there, check out blogger conferences near you. We’ve got a list of 11 conferences in 2019 we recommend for food bloggers.

Remember, blogging isn’t about a competition. It’s about a community.

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