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Questions social media followers love to answer

In today’s technology-driven society, social media plays a huge role in being a blogger. To drive traffic to your blog, you need to build a loyal readership and have that readership share your blog with other people — a point you can’t really get to without engaging those readers. And social media is one of the quickest and easiest ways to do just that.

Paying attention to the number of followers you have is more of a vanity metric. What you should always be more concerned with is just how engaged your followers are so you can create a sense of community.

Enter social media and the simple art of asking questions. According to a study on human conversational behavior, people spend 60 percent of conversations talking about themselves. On social media, that figure spikes to 80 percent.

Why? In lay terms, it just feels good. Or, as Psychology Today phrases it, it gives us a “neurological buzz.”

So, if you’re looking for an ideal way to both engage your social media followers and make them feel good, give them what they really want — the opportunity to share a little bit more about themselves with you. These questions will get you started.

What’s the last really nice thing someone did for you?

Hearing a heartwarming story, and presumably sharing one too, actually changes your brain activity. These types of stories trigger a release of oxytocin, which causes all sorts of feel-good emotions like comfort and happiness.

If you won the lottery, how would you spend your winnings?

Hey, daydreaming is good for you because it boosts your brain power. So why not give your followers a brain boost by letting them indulge in a bit of optimistic imagining? Everyone loves to answer this question since everyone thinks about it (whether they buy lottery tickets or not).

What do you think about [latest watercooler topic]?

If you want engagement and aren’t afraid to stir up some passionate responses in the comment thread, the choice is clear: Ask your social media followers what their opinion is about the latest buzzy topic. Politics, sports teams, religion, shocking news stories, controversial opinion pieces — people can’t resist the opportunity to discuss a subject about which they hold passionate opinions.

What’s your favorite [recipe, movie, cookbook]?

You’re thinking about how you’d answer right now, huh? This sort of fill-in-the-blank-style question is nearly impossible to pass up, especially if it’s rooted in pop culture.

Where can I find this?

When people feel valued, they’re more engaged. And the more valued and, therefore, engaged someone feels, the more invested they feel. So, go ahead — make your social media followers feel like the experts by asking them where to find or how to do something. They’ll be eager to answer you, and you’ll get a ton of suggestions you were looking for, to boot.

What’s your go-to social media engagement question? (See what we did there?)

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