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Pinterest reveals 2019 food trend predictions

Stuck in a rut planning your 2019 blog posts? Well, Pinterest is here to help. Their just-released 2019 food trend predictions list is sure to give you recipe inspiration that’ll last for months.

Included in their 100 Pinterest trends for 2019, the popular social sharing site indicates that healthy, sustainable meals with unusual ingredients is the expected theme for the new year.

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The “pegan” diet

Growth: 337 percent

Paleo vegan, aka “pegan,” is about to sweep the healthy food scene, according to its growth on Pinterest over the past year. Full of fresh veggies, healthy protein and fats, and no additives or unnatural chemicals, the pegan diet is worth investigating.

Foil-packed dinners

Growth: 759 percent

Pinterest says foil-packed dinners are on the rise because they’re low prep, low mess and super flavorful.


Growth: 76 percent

Chayote is a gourd plant like squash, melons or cucumbers commonly found in Mexico, but it is now gaining worldwide popularity. It has a mild flavor like summer squash and is considered to be a superfood.

Oat milk

Growth: 186 percent

Almond milk has some stiff competition this year. Oat milk has proven to be a creamy, satisfying alternative that’s already popular in lattes. Plus, it’s easy to make! Expect to see oat milk make its way into even more recipes as we delve into 2019.

Oxtail recipes

Growth: 209 percent

Don’t knock it ’til you try it. Oxtail recipes, especially for slow-cooker meals, are where it’s at in 2019 meats. Popular in stews, oxtail makes for a rich stock and is often considered to have a better texture than beef.

Ginger-infused water

Growth: 353 percent

Not only does ginger add a delicious flavor to water, it also aids in digestion and can help relieve gut inflammation. It’s also said that ginger water can help boost your metabolism. In other words, this is a trend worth getting in on in 2019.

Baking bread

Growth: 413 percent

Home-baked bread is on the rise. Pinterest indicates this is especially true for fermented loaves like sourdough.

Grazing tables

Growth: 163 percent

Get out that charcuterie board, the day of family-style grazing has officially arrived. Create drool-worthy spreads with fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, spreads, cheese and charcuterie. Whatever your fancy!

Mushroom recipes

Growth: 64 percent

Mushrooms are finally having their day in the sun and nothing is off-limits. Find them in chocolate bars or coffee drinks, or get more traditional and pick some up fresh from the grocery store.

Homemade jam

Growth: 829 percent

Time to dust off your grandma’s old jam recipe. Now that canning has gained popularity, fruit jam recipes are also gaining traction. From traditional delights like strawberry, to more unique flavor combinations like habanero peach and blackberry lavender, jam might be the key to your creativity in 2019.

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