Pinterest gives tips on advertising your pins effectively

Pinterest advertising can be an effective way to increase awareness of your recipes and blog posts, but one size definitely doesn’t fit all when it comes to Pinterest.

The first strategy is, of course, to have effective, beautiful pins, which make up the foundation for successful campaigns.

Once you have those bases covered, there are some key strategies to entering the world of Pinterest advertising.

How to get started

SMB Marketing Lead Lisa Fong recommends starting small and testing your marketplace with the quick promote feature.

“That’s a really easy way, if you have a specific pin you want to promote, you can go to that pin on your profile, then you’ll see a button that says ‘promote.’ There will be four easy questions like URL, budget, how long you want it to run and some keywords,” says Fong. “It usually takes 10 seconds, you click ‘promote’ and you can set it up. That’s the easiest way to start testing out whether advertising makes sense for your business or blog.”

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Keywords are key here. Pinterest will use those to decide which pinners see your promoted content. For that reason, make sure they are targeted and well-planned so the pin is reaching the right users who are going to appreciate your content the most.

After you’ve tested out a few promotional pins and gathered some performance data from these tests, you might be ready to move to a bigger campaign strategy.

Growing your advertising strategy

“If you want to test some of the more advanced features for a traffic campaign, you can set up a campaign in ads manager,” says Fong. “I’d recommend, if you’re just starting out, just do one ad group and you can target all 20 of the food and drinks interests. You can just select ‘food and drink’ and it will target all of them. Then you can learn and optimize as you go.”

Eventually, getting more targeted advertising is the goal as it will be more effective for your business. You can tailor the targeting options as you learn and grow on Pinterest.

“I would recommend as people get more and more advanced to have really tightly themed ad groups that match your creative and keywords,” says Fong. “That way you can do more advanced targeting.”

Pinterest recommends starting with a budget of $30 per day, which can be adjusted as necessary.

How Pinterest will share your promoted pins

The upside to Pinterest is that the system inherently wants to show users diverse content, meaning that even with a smaller budget, your content has the potential to get noticed.

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“We’re making sure that it’s a fair playing field because we want to make sure that our users have a really positive experience, and they’re not going to love seeing the same app, the same advertiser or the same big brand. Pinners are actually really diverse and want to see diverse content from bloggers, content creators, small businesses, as well as the big brands.”

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