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Kitchen tools food bloggers love

Food bloggers are kitchen connoisseurs, which means they know the coolest and most handy kitchen tools on the market. 

Whether you’re a food blogger looking to get started crafting your own unique recipes or a foodie looking for new tools to add to your kitchen, this list will give you some inspiring ideas to start your 2019 kitchen adventures off right.

Cheap prop ideas to use in food photography

Mandoline slicer

No vegetable left behind. Not only will this mandoline make slicing a breeze, but it will also create even, gorgeous cuts of vegetables that will help you to up your food photography game.

Chef’s Knife
There is nothing more kitchen-changing than a good knife. It’s one of those things where you don’t realize what a difference it makes until you actually have a good one in your life. It’s like finding your long-lost kitchen soulmate.

Instant Pot
The trendiest new kitchen gadget is expected to continue in full swing in 2019. If you haven’t gotten into the Instant Pot craze yet, well, you don’t know what you’re missing. Dinners are about to get a whole lot quicker and a whole lot tastier.

Cast Iron Skillet
Nothing in the kitchen is more timeless than a cast iron skillet. Especially a well-loved cast iron skillet. Getting a cast iron skillet is like ensuring your chef legacy.

Powerful Blender
If you’re looking to establish yourself as a food blogger, a good blender is an essential. If you’re a long-time foodie, well odds are you already have one of these in your kitchen. But is it a good one? There is a difference. Think chunky cauliflower versus smooth, delicious-textured perfection. It’s worth the investment.

Kitchen shears
Chopping anything from herbs to chicken (not one after the other) is made so much more painless with a pair of kitchen shears. Shears is really just a fancy word for “scissors,” let’s be real. But that doesn’t mean their job description is any less valid.

Cookie scoops
If you’re a baking blogger (or a savory blogger who can also get down with some sweets), getting even cookies might be a challenge. Cookie scoops will fix that problem for your real quick. Get perfectly proportioned scoops each time without the guesswork.

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