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How to get better results on your Facebook page

Facebook can be an effective way to drive traffic to your blog, build engagement and connect with new, like-minded people.

But getting started and growing your following and traffic can make you feel a little lost at sea; we get it.

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FoodBlogs social media manager, Lauren Joskowitz, recommends looking at Facebook as a way to make new friends. (After all, that was the original goal of Facebook, wasn’t it?)

“Food bloggers don’t need to have anything,” says Joskowitz on the necessity of Facebook. “It just depends how they want to build their business. But, like the Robinsons (of Bakers Royale and Real Food By Dad) say, ‘Starting a blog without social media is like putting a billboard in a desert.’ Social media helps people find you and Facebook pages especially help them engage with you directly.”

She adds that Facebook is part of an effective business strategy. But you do have to decide which business strategy is right for you.

“Because of Facebook algorithms, pages are most effective for building a community these days. If you’re just serving up your own content and trying to get people to navigate away from Facebook, they won’t serve your content to as many people,” cautions Joskowitz.

Instead, she recommends, “Share content that is helpful and will get people to engage and communicate. The more people who comment on or share your content, the greater reach it will have. So you just have to put a lot of thought into how you angle your captions — shorter isn’t always better — or the way you share your recipes, blog posts, etc., to Facebook. Be real, speak the way you’d speak to friends and try to build engagement.”

If you aren’t seeing the engagement you want, there are a few different strategies to try.

“To maximize the effectiveness of Facebook, share videos natively with no link, go live on a regular basis and interact with your followers, ask your followers what they want to see or what their opinions are — controversial topics are always a hit — and don’t focus on the number of your following too much. Be real and engaged and the following will grow.”

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There are also some dos and don’ts:

Do ask your followers questions and get their opinions.

Do use live videos to engage with people.

Do respond to comments and direct messages often.

Do repost successful content. Chances are only 20 percent of your following saw it the first time around.

Do keep it authentic and real.

Do experiment with promoting posts.

Don’t clickbait people or encourage them to “tag someone.” Facebook doesn’t serve that content to as wide a reach anymore.

Don’t serve up content that only seeks to navigate people away from Facebook.

“Facebook is striving for authentic connections and content that gets people talking to one another,” explains Joskowitz. “Focus on that and you’ll be good.”

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