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How Tania Sheff went from Starbucks barista to full-time food blogger

Tania Sheff focuses on quick and healthy dinner recipes with a Mediterranean twist on her blog, Cooktoria

Don’t look at her blog if you’re already hungry. And if you’re not, well, prepare to make a trip to the store to try one of her delectable recipes like these broccoli fritters, ready in under 30 minutes.

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But before you run away to start cooking, get to know Sheff and her journey from Starbucks barista to full-time blogger.

FoodBlogs: Tell us about your career and how you started.

Tania Sheff: I’m originally from Ukraine, and I moved to the United States in 2009. Since then I’ve had many different jobs. I was a waitress, a hostess, then a waitress again. But in 2010, I started working at a local Starbucks. This job was fast-paced, fun and had a great team. I was promoted to supervisor and then store manager.

Shortly after, I realized that while working at Starbucks was fun, I had already achieved everything I wanted there, and I needed to find a job that would let me grow and develop. So, while still working there, I read a ton of books, trying to find out what my passions are, what I love to do and who I want to become.

After trying out a couple of things, I realized that creating a food blog was the best option for me, and I was right. Cooktoria was born on Oct. 5, 2015 and I have enjoyed every single day being a food blogger since then!

FB: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a blogger and influencer?

TS: My biggest challenge at first was figuring out how to bring traffic to my site. Now, I am working on trying to find a perfect balance between the blog, family time and personal development.

FB: What’s the best advice you have for aspiring food influencers?

TS: I would suggest to put a lot of time and energy into improving photography. It was definitely the turning point for me.

FB: What is a challenge you have as a blogger that would surprise people?

TS: Trying to stay fit. As food bloggers, we test recipes and cook all the time, which leads to having a few extra bites per day. I often find myself exercising after midnight.

FB: Anything you want to add about what you have coming up?

TS: I have just introduced a “Life” section on my blog. I will be sharing a lot of personal stories and behind-the-scenes posts, so stay in touch!

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