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Hot and boozy fall cocktail recipes that aren’t mulled wine

Red wine might make you feel fine, but ‘tis the season for hot cocktails filled with sugar and other winter wonderlands of goodness. If you’re planning to roast chestnuts over an open fire (or maybe just Uncle Kevin for being such a weirdo at every family dinner), you’re going to need a delicious boozy beverage to clink with. These are great for toasting and toastiness on a cold winter’s night.

Anise cream coffee

Stir and Strain offers a little something to put some hair on your chest. If you aren’t the Starbucks type, you may be in for a brewed awakening when you realize this drink is a blend of coffee and Rittenhouse rye. It features a heavy pour of espresso, which you can make just for the drink or use your leftovers from that giant pot you made for your morning commute (as if caffeine addicts ever have any left over). It comes topped with anise-infused whipped cream that’ll make you cry “uncle” as you reach for another helping.

Anise cream cocktail
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Spiked cider

Brandy may be a fine girl, but she can’t hold a candle to the delicious liquor, especially when it’s heated and swirled with cider and spices. Recipe Girl’s recipe calls for mulling the apple drink with cloves, cinnamon and allspice while you mull over your life choices in front of a roaring fire. If that seems too overwhelming, you can always add a bit more brandy to your concoction. That should make things a lot merrier.

Spiked cider
Image credit: Recipe Girl

Spiked coconut vanilla steamer

This hot drink with an island feel will make you feel warm without using air miles or SPF. If you like your vanilla shakes made with coconut milk, then you’ll love this spiked rum concoction from Sugar and Soul. It features real vanilla bean and enough rum to make a pirate jealous.

Spiked coconut vanilla steamer
Image credit: Sugar and Soul


Hot buttered rum cider

Even the dairy-intolerant agree: Butter tastes good on pretty much everything. So when butter flavor is introduced in a hot tangy beverage, no one is going to put up a fight. This Brooklyn Supper cocktail features butter mixed with brown sugar, nutmeg and cloves. Sounds like the beginning of a great pie, right? But it all goes into hot cider, along with a good dose of dark rum. Hearty and rich for a cold winter day.

Hot buttered rum
Image credit: Broolyn Supper

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