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Vegan keto side dish recipes from Meat Free Keto

Liz MacDowell, of the food blog Meat Free Keto, offers recipes and strategies for living a vegan keto lifestyle — and she’s amazing.

Her dishes are all unique, flavorful and satisfying, which can be hard to achieve if you’re trying to stay healthy over the holidays. With the help of MacDowell’s recipes and some kitchen creativity, you definitely don’t have to sacrifice this holiday season to keep it keto or vegan.

Here are her top side dish recipes that will spice up your holiday season without serving the carbs and guilt.

Low-carb vegan rice and beans

Cauliflower rice, black soy beans and spices are the main components of this slow cooker dish. It’s high in protein, low in carbs and can be made ahead so you don’t have to worry about cooking time when prepping for your big holiday meal. You can even mix up the spices to give this recipe a different flavor profile, depending on what else you’re serving.

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Low-carb vegan mac ‘n’ cheese

This recipe uses shirataki pasta. What is shirataki pasta, you ask? Well, according to the packaging, it is made from an ingredient in the yam family native to Asia called Konnyaku. Some people love them. Some people, not so much. But it’s definitely worth trying if you’re living the low-carb life. If you don’t have or don’t want to use shirataki pasta, MacDowell recommends using cauliflower instead.

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Low-carb vegan pumpkin “cheddar” risotto

It’s not actually cheddar cheese and it’s not actually risotto. Instead, this recipe combines riced cauliflower with nutritional yeast and pumpkin puree for a deceptively cheesy, carb-y flavor. MacDowell loves this recipe so much, she even made it as part of her Thanksgiving feast.

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Vegan keto crack slaw

This is MacDowell’s signature vegan keto recipe. And her most popular. You won’t be able to get enough of the stuff. Be prepared to eat it all in one sitting. Oh, and MacDowell recommends sprinkling some hemp seeds on top for an added vegan protein bonus.

Vegan-low-Carb-crack-slaw (2)
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Low-carb vegan chili coconut cauliflower rice

Oh, the wonders that are cauliflower. If you’re knee deep in the keto diet, then you’ve probably made cauliflower you’re new best friend. It’s good for pizza crust, mock mashed potatoes and, as Meat Free Keto uses it here, rice. This flavorful, unique recipe would pair amazingly well with fish (if you aren’t vegan) and won’t leave you missing the traditional fare.

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Vegan keto spaghetti squash

If you’re missing the mashed potatoes this holiday season, this spaghetti squash recipe will help to, well, squash that craving. It is a bit higher in carbs at 5.5 net grams per serving, but it is still way better than the alternative, considering that traditional mashed potatoes can have as many as 30 net grams!

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