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Kid-friendly holiday cookie recipes

In life as a parent, it doesn’t get much more magical than spending time with your kids during the holidays. Joy abounds, festivity reigns supreme and merriment is made — and a great deal of that occurs right in your kitchen, thanks to things like holiday kid-friendly cookie recipes.

If you think back to your own childhood, some of your most enduring memories from this season likely include baking treats with your parents or grandparents. Now that you have kids of your own, it’s your turn to take on the memory-making mantle.

But, hey, we’re here to help. The following holiday cookie recipes are easy and fun, so baking them is the perfect seasonal pastime to enjoy with your little one.

One-bowl small-batch sugar cookies

All you need is love — and one bowl — to whip up these small-batch sugar cookies. Plus, Baking Mischief’s recipe helps you pinpoint your ideal sugar cookie so each of your little ones can decorate their own accordingly.

Small batch sugar cookies
Photo credit: Baking Mischief
Easy Christmas confetti cookies

Sometimes you procrastinate and wait until the last minute to make much-needed holiday treats. Other times you’re just looking for a quick and easy way to entertain the kiddos while you cook the bigger menu items. But either way, we all need a simple, fast, kid-friendly cookie recipe to fall back on this time of year.

Enter Bijoux & Bits’ easy Christmas confetti cookies. By starting with cake mix for a base, the cookies are impossibly fluffy and can be adaptable into an endless array of shapes and colors incorporating all kinds of ingredients.

Easy Christmas confetti cookies
Photo credit: Bijoux & Bits
Peppermint hot chocolate cookies

Welcome to holiday treat heaven, where chewy chocolate cookies are laced with peppermint and have an ooey, gooey marshmallow center. That’s the situation with Cake ‘n Knife’s peppermint hot chocolate cookies, and yum. Serve your kids a cup of actual hot chocolate while you’re making these treats, and you’ll be a true holiday hero.

Peppermint hot chocolate cookies
Photo credit: Cake ‘n Knife
Hanukkah stained glass cookies

Tell your kids to hold these Hanukkah-themed cookies from Living Sweet Moments up to the light, and they’ll get a kick out of watching it shine through the “glass.” Who are we kidding? We adults will be holding them up, oohing and aahing right along with the little ones.

Hanukkah stained glass cookies
Photo credit: Living Sweet Moments
Christmas tree cookies

Oh, Christmas tree, oh, Christmas tree… how much we want to eat you! OK, so that’s not exactly how the original lyrics go, but it’s the version you’ll be singing when you make I Am Baker’s Christmas tree cookies.

While there’s a little more work involved with these treats than your average cookie, your kids won’t care — a Christmas tree made out of cookies is infinitely fun, and the end result tastes pretty amazing, too.

Christmas tree cookies
Photo credit: I Am Baker
Candy cane double chocolate cookies

There are two reasons JaMonkey’s holiday cookie recipe is bound to be a hit with the under-10 set — they call for double chocolate, and they’re topped with pieces of candy cane. In fact, kids will enjoy these treats even more if you put them on candy-cane-breaking duty. Just don’t be surprised if a few pieces go missing in the process.

Candy cane double chocolate chip cookies
Photo credit: Jamonkey
Chocolate crinkle cookies

Jo Cooks’ chocolate crinkle cookie isn’t just any cookie. It’s basically a brownie in cookie’s clothing — crunchy on the outside and delightfully soft and chewy at its center. And when a cookie tastes like a brownie, you can bet it will be a hit with kids. Bonus? They’ll also relish getting the chance to roll dough in snow-like powdered sugar.

Chocolate crinkles cookies
Photo credit: Jo Cooks
No-bake Christmas wreath cookies

There’s so much to love about Living Sweet Moments’ wreath cookies that we don’t even have room to list them all here. But let’s start with the fact that they don’t require baking. No baking! That’s what we call a holiday win. But also, kids can decorate their own wreaths any way they want, according to what sort of accoutrements you have handy.

No bake Christmas wreath cookies
Photo credit: Living Sweet Moments
Chanukah gelt cookies

These Chanukah gelt cookies by Mother Would Know are borderline genius. What kid wouldn’t love cramming chocolate coins into a ball of peanut butter sugar cookie dough? So not only does this recipe give you a traditional peanut butter and chocolate taste, but it also allows you to foster a little family heritage.

Chanukah gelt cookies
Photo credit: Mother Would Know
Buttercream thumbprint sugar cookies

Sprinkles are like bubbles — there are few things kids love more, which is why yours will be psyched to help make these buttercream thumbprint sugar cookies from Sarah’s Bake Studio. The recipe calls for the classic holiday color combo of red and green, but you can let your kids go wild with any sprinkles you have in the pantry. Just consider it an early Christmas gift.

Buttercream thumbprint sugar cookies
Photo credit: Sarah’s Bake Studio

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