Halloween recipes your kids will love

These kid-friendly Halloween recipes will get your little monsters howling with delight. Create these haunted hors-d’oeuvres and desserts for parties, or even just as a celebratory countdown until Halloween. The kids will love making them as much as they’ll love eating them.

Mini graveyard hummus dips

Use a coffin-shaped cookie cutter to turn your pita bread into a frightfully delicious snack. Pair with hummus topped with chopped olives (for dirt) and chives (for grass).

Monster cake pops

These cute monster cake pops from Thanksgiving.com are more silly than scary. A bite-sized bit of cake for your little one is economical, properly portioned and easy on cleanup. Make the cake and form it into balls, skewer them onto lollipop sticks, and dip into melted candy. When they’re cool, you can decorate them as ghoulishly as you’d like. We recommend candy eyeballs and colored sprinkles.

Jack o’ lantern stuffed peppers

This spooky recipe captures the spirit of Halloween without rotting your teeth. Just hollow out an orange bell pepper and carve it like a jack o’ lantern. Fill it to the brim with chicken and rice (or anything else you’d like) for a fun and tasty Halloween-themed dinner.

Mummy pumpkin cookies

These delicious pumpkin-spiced cookies will have your kids cheering for their mummy. The recipe features a sugar cookie with pumpkin filling and wrapped with strips of cinnamon sugar-coated cookie strips. Top them off with googly eyes, and you’ll have these undead cookies wrapped up in no time.

Halloween pizza

A spider web pizza decorated with olive spiders and mozzarella eyes? Oh, yes. Keep this meal prep simple by using premade pizza dough and marinara sauce. All you and your kids have to worry about is the decorating, baking and eating.

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