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Gourmet appetizer recipes for New Year’s Eve from Blogtastic Food

Nicolas Hortense is the blogger behind Blogtastic Food and you’ll quickly fall in love with his gorgeous photography and easy-to-follow recipes.

Hortense is a culinary pro who uses his skills in the kitchen to inspire others to have fun while cooking.

“I am someone who is passionate about showing the possibilities with what I believe is good quality food,” Hortense explains on his site.

He also gives useful, easy-to-follow tips on his Instagram, such as why it’s important to use fresh eggs when poaching.

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The older the #egg, the more watery the texture becomes. The white of a fresh egg has a much more solid and stable texture. This matters, especially when it comes to frying or poaching #eggs. If you try to poach an egg that is almost out of date, you may just get a cloud dust of egg white in your pot of water. Rule of thumb, if you have fresh eggs, that's a great opportunity to make a fried or poached egg. If your eggs aren't so fresh (but still useable), then it may be in your best interest to use those eggs to make an omelette, scrambled eggs, frittata, a quiche etc. Anything where the structure of the egg isn't important. #food #foodie #foodporn #foodlove #foodlife #nomnom #nom #delish #delicious #yum #yummy #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #foodphotography #foodstagram #foodandwine #food52 #food52grams

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Here are some of our favorite gourmet appetizer recipes from Blogtastic Food, just in time for those New Year’s Eve parties.

Mini quiches made with filo pastry

This easy recipe uses filo dough to give these bite-sized quiches a light, flaky texture. For this recipe, layer the pre-made dough in a mini muffin tray and then fill with the egg custard — which includes leeks, sun-dried tomatoes, Parmesan and goat cheese. Pop them in the oven and you’ve got yourself some gorgeous, guest-friendly appetizers.

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Roasted cherry tomato and garlic bread bruschetta

There is nothing that starts a party off better than bruschetta. This recipe puts a spin on the classic with roasted tomatoes, homemade reduced balsamic vinegar, red onions and garlic-buttered bread. Don’t be intimidated by the ingredients, though. All in all, you can have this appetizer ready to go in about 35 minutes — including cook time.

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Vietnamese spring rolls

Not only are these spring rolls delicious, they’re also fun to make. Hortense packs rice paper sheets with carrots, basil, bean sprouts and cucumbers. From there, fry or steam the rolls to perfection (the recipe gives both options) and serve with a spicy peanut satay sauce. Bonus: This recipe is vegan!

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Prosciutto-wrapped prawns with pesto dip

Prosciutto is basically just like fancy bacon. I know, all you foodies are rolling your eyes right now, but the point is that anything wrapped in prosciutto is going to taste better than before. The saltiness of the prosciutto paired with the buttery prawns and flavor-packed pesto means this recipe is guaranteed to impress your guests.

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Pulled pork sliders with lemon and yogurt coleslaw

If you’re looking for a heartier appetizer, these sliders are for you. Fair warning: This pork packs some spice, which is why the crispy coleslaw paired with the zingy lemon yogurt is the perfect complement. The yogurt also makes this a healthier dish since there’s no mayonnaise, which means you can start off that New Year’s resolution early.

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Spicy honey soy mustard chicken wings

This wings recipe uses a spice rub and a glaze, so it’s packed with flavor. The honey paired with the soy sauce gives you those awesome sweet and sour notes, and the wings are baked with the rub on, which creates a crunchy texture. So go ahead, get a little messy at your New Year’s eve party. You’ll be glad you did.

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