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Chef Chris Ford of Butter, Love & Hard Work discusses his sweet empire

Chef Chris Ford is a busy man. Not only is he the executive pastry chef of The Beverly Wilshire in Los Angeles, he also manages what is quickly becoming a social media empire. On Instagram he is known for taking gorgeous photos of his creations, while his website offers a blog, recipes and a merchandise shop.

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FoodBlogs got the inside scoop from Ford about his sweet success and his advice for prospective food influencers.

FoodBlogs: Tell us about your career and how you started sharing pictures on Instagram.

Chris Ford: I started my career back in Orlando during my externship at the Ritz-Carlton. I had always loved photography, so I saved my money and bought a decent camera. I wanted to document my work, the progression of myself as a chef and my photography “skills.” Of course, Instagram came along, I started posting there versus my blog at the time. It’s immediate sharing I think and interaction with your audience which I love.

FB: What is a post that stands out to you or your favorite photo series that you ever did?

CF: That’s a hard question to answer! I love so many. I feel like I have had very different themes or periods of certain styles so I think seeing all the differences is the best!

FB: What’s the best advice you have for aspiring bloggers and influencers?

CF: Be yourself! In a world of so many of these things, people love people that are real. The real story, truth, vision and just yourself. Being authentic has so much more value than putting on a face for followers.

Image credit: Chris Ford/Instagram

FB: What is a challenge you have as an influencer that would surprise people?

CF: I think always having content. Sometimes you don’t feel 100 percent creative or just want to slow down, but that’s not the name of the game! Always keep it moving.

FB: Anything you want to add about what you have coming up?

CF: I am starting a chocolate line that I have been working on for about two years. Hopefully in the first quarter of 2019. I’m updating my website with new products as well. I am loving the release of special confections and clothing items. I’m also developing my own show surrounding my life and my brand. It’s exciting stuff!

Follow Chef Chris Ford:

Instagram: @butterloveandhardwork
Facebook: @butterloveandhardwork
Twitter: @bttrlovehardwrk

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