DIY Back to College Gift Basket #GiftCardMall #GCMallBTS

DIY Back to College Gift Basket #GiftCardMall #GCMallBTS

DIY Back to College Gift Basket

Disclosure: This DIY College Gift Basket post has been sponsored by the Gift Card Mall. All opinions are my own.

As college students are getting ready to head back to campus after the long summer break send them back to school with this easy DIY College Gift Basket packed full of some of their favorite things from home.

When I asked my college student what she or her friends might like to get in a college gift basket she told me all her friends ever talked about was how much they missed their family, their pets and family recipes.


  • a plastic storage crate, laundry basket or organizer cubes
  • a TGIF gift card from Gift Card Mall so your college student can enjoy dinner out
  • a framed photo of the beloved family pet
  • their favorite homemade cookies
  • recipe cards with easy favorite recipes from home that they can cook in the dorm
  • one or two more Gift Card Mall gift cards (I added a Netflix Gift Card)
  • their favorite movie snacks
  • a planner so they can stay organized and remember to call home
  • brightly colored Post it Notes
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