Common obstacles bloggers face and strategies to overcome them

Along the journey to blog stardom, you’re going to experience some hurdles. Such is the case with any business. But don’t let these obstacles keep you from realizing your dream.

Blogging challenges are completely normal. It’s survival of the fittest in the world of blogging these days. Which is exactly why knowing common challenges and preparing yourself to face them can put you a step ahead of the competition.

Here are four common obstacles bloggers face and some sound strategies to overcome them.

Obstacle: Fear

Fear is a common obstacle that can cripple your blogging success and sink your blog. Whether it’s fear of failure (don’t worry, we can’t all be as popular as The Pioneer Woman!) or lack of privacy, stop focusing on the fear and start growing your blog.

Even the top bloggers have experienced fear.

The biggest challenge Budget Bytes’ Beth Moncel faced was putting herself out there. But she persevered. “I am a very private person, and blogging has become more and more about branding yourself over the years. When I started, you could be completely anonymous, and that’s not really the case anymore. If you blog for a living, anyway. So it’s a struggle to have to share my private life with strangers, but I think I’m able to find a happy balance.”

How do you find that happy balance? Define goals and expectations for yourself early on. Setting realistic milestones in your blogging business will help you gain confidence as you succeed.

Obstacle: Lack of skill

You may know your way around a kitchen and even be a gifted writer, but in today’s food-blogging world, you need to also be a photographer, a publicist, an editor and a social media maven.

Don’t throw out your dream of blogging if you lack expertise in one aspect of successful food blogging. Just commit to learning more.

Put one of these blogger conferences on your schedule or, if you can’t travel, consider devouring these food blog books. Get out from behind your computer and gain valuable insight from the blogging pros.

Obstacle: Low traffic

You can’t just create a blog, snap your fingers and expect it to be a reader magnet.

If your blog isn’t keeping your readers’ attention, it’s time to make some changes. Make sure you’re producing quality content consistently. We recommend new bloggers post at least three times a week and give it a solid six months (at least) to build your content and your following.

Know your readers and write content that is engaging and useful to them. How do you do this? Ask them. Social media is a very, very useful tool for audience insights. You can also use tools like Google Analytics to see which articles are garnering the most page views and tailor your content accordingly.

Another must-do is to make your blog visually appealing.

Tania Sheff of Cooktoria uses stunning photos to captivate her followers. Her tip for bloggers? “I would suggest to put a lot of time and energy into improving photography. It was definitely the turning point for me,” she explains.

Obstacle: Financial hurdles

As you are surely learning, being a successful blogger requires more than just writing content or whipping up your favorite recipes.

If you’re going to blog for a living, you need money. Money to buy kitchen tools, money to buy camera equipment, and money to eat!

While you’re blogging your way to eventual food blog fame and wealth, it’s essential to budget your money wisely. Instead of buying the priciest tools and gadgets, research cheaper alternatives that can get the job done. Once you’ve got a solid following, consider brand sponsorships to turn your blog into a money-making machine.

What are the biggest hurdles you’ve faced as a blogger so far?

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