Blogging 101: Use Google Analytics to up your blogging game

No one can monitor their business 24/7. Sometimes you have to hire some help to mind the store and keep an eye on the customers.

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When you don’t have a brick and mortar building, it can be a tricky situation if you are trying to figure out how business is faring with virtual customers. How do you measure how you’re doing when you are always open — while you are away on vacation, or just away from your desk? Enter Google Analytics. It’s like a TaskRabbit assistant, combined with an analytics platform that will get in the trenches and dig out data for your website.

Google Analytics (GA) is like your own personal detective, sleuthing out the 411 on your visitors’ vital information. When you install GA software on your site, it uses a tracking code, like a little Bloodhound, to sniff out intelligence about who is coming to your site, how often and what they are doing while they are there. Then GA reports back to you with a neat dossier report so you can strategize and strengthen your site.

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Google Analytics software is one of the most popular analytic platforms on the web. According to Marketing Land, Google Analytics has cornered the market on helping you figure out how to find the info and break it down. It is installed on over 10 million websites and used on 50 percent of the top million ranked sites.

Why hire this premium internet private investigator? GA is simple to use — it gives you a dashboard where you can easily find all the information about how your business is faring. For instance, if you want to know which of your blog posts is blowing away its brethren, you can check the numbers. Or if one particular ad is catching eyeballs, the data will show you this as well. Moz explains that your dashboard can display helpful information such as your top performing pages, links with the most clicks, blog content that is generating the most buzz, and outside sites that are sending viewers your way. It can be a helpful marketing tool to know the sites your viewers like to visit as well as yours — or you may just want to send a fruit basket, or a thumbs-up emoji, to them for sending traffic your way.

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Usually, the most important data collected by GA are page views, clicks on certain links, and purchases made if you are hawking your wares.

If your customers are abandoning your goods in the shopping cart, you will want to see why and if there is a trend relating to a specific product. According to MonsterInsights, GA can also get as thorough as a pro detective. The platform can widen its net when collecting information and find out a viewer’s IP address, which will give you information like their location, gender, income level and age.

GA gathers this info, Sherlock-style, so you can calculate how to better target your customers and make more money. An elementary concept.

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