Budget Bytes’ Beth Moncel shares her biggest challenge as a food blogger

Beth Moncel started her food blog, Budget Bytes, in 2009 in the time of the Great Recession. She never planned on her blog becoming the powerhouse it is today (she gets over 2.5 million page views per month). In fact, she was just hoping to challenge herself to eat on less money while still having yummy dishes. Turns out, a ton of people were looking for the same thing.

These days, Moncel has completed her B.S. in nutritional science, published a cookbook and developed a mobile app for Budget Bytes. In other words, she’s a food-blogging powerhouse.

Check out our spotlight on Moncel below.

FoodBlogs: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a blogger and influencer?

Beth Moncel: Putting myself out there. I am a very private person, and blogging has become more and more about branding yourself over the years. When I started, you could be completely anonymous, and that’s not really the case anymore. If you blog for a living, anyway. So it’s a struggle to have to share my private life with strangers, but I think I’m able to find a happy balance.

FB: What’s the best advice you have for aspiring food influencers?

BM: Focus on creating good content. You can use all the blogging and SEO tricks you want, but if you’re not creating content that people want, need or can’t get somewhere else, you won’t build an audience. People need a reason to come to you, and a reason to come back. Know who you are speaking to, know what their problems are, and give them solutions to those problems.

FB: What is a challenge you have as a blogger that would surprise people?

BM: That blogging is about so much more than just cooking food and taking pictures. Creating recipes is definitely less than 50 percent of what I do. The blogging industry literally changes every single day and you have to constantly learn new skills to survive. I have to know a little bit of everything involved in running a website and running a business, in addition to the food aspect.

FB: What is your favorite recipe to cook for the holidays?

BM: Cranberry sauce! I love that stuff so much. I wish cranberries were available all year long. I always say I’ll freeze some cranberries so I can make cranberry sauce later in the year, but I always forget!

FB: What food trend are you currently obsessed with?

BM: Meal prepping! Honestly, I’ve “meal prepped” for years, but now it has a name and people are really getting on the bandwagon. It helps me keep my food costs low, it keeps my portions in check, and it just makes my mealtimes so easy.

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