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The best free stock photo sites for gorgeous photography

The most successful food blogs feature more than just amazing food content. The food blogs that make readers hungry for more are the ones with stunning photos.

And while you should always strive to create your own content — including photography and video assets — stock photo sites can be a great alternative for those moments when you’re in a pinch for some high-quality images.

The downside? Most stock photo sites are expensive. Really expensive. Like thousands-of-dollars-per-photo expensive.

Luckily, there are plenty of options available on the web these days, including free options. We’ve rounded up the best free stock photo sites to help you make your food blog even more visually appealing.


Pexels has a stunning selection of royalty-free stock photos of cakes, salads, pizza, vegetables, fruit, beautifully decorated plates and other food blog-worthy kitchen items. From still images of captivating finished dishes, to shots of cooking in action, you’ll find the photo you need to tell your yum-related story.


Transform your food blog posts into mouthwateringly memorable reads with free photos from Unsplash. This site boasts over half a million photos free (do-whatever-you-want) high-resolution photos brought to you by the “world’s most generous community of photographers.”

Search for food photos and you’ll be delectably surprised by the selection of easy-to-navigate tabs of drool-evoking food shots. Whether you’re writing about what’s for dinner or extolling the benefits of a specific cooking tool, Unsplash has a photo for you.


Need appetizing shots to bring your blog to mouthwatering life? NegativeSpace has a tasty collection of free food photography that will inspire your readers to get in their kitchen and cook. From succulent meats and fresh salads, to tables of food and drinks, this site will make you hungry just searching for the perfect shot for your posts.


Search Kaboompics and find the perfect food photo. Featuring professional-caliber photos of simple foods to upscale meals, this free photo site gives you options to search single photos as well as photo shoots.

Kaboompics gives you the ability to search for food photos based on popularity, vertical or horizontal orientation, and color preferences. No matter what you’re cooking up on your blog, you’ll find captivating shots that bring your readers back with every post.


Pixabay is an international free photo site that is teeming with over 1 million images, videos and vectors for your downloading pleasure. Search for food, cooking, eating, specific foods or food-related terms (like “healthy” or “delicious”), and you’ll get a generous assortment of jaw-dropping quality photos.

This free photo site lets you browse photos based on search term, orientation, size and color.


This free photo site may not have the largest quantity of food-related photos, but the photos it does feature have a nice variety of composition and excellent close-ups of a tasty array of foods. If you need fun, colorful food photos that grab attention, or drool-worthy shots of dishes, StockSnap is a great site to peruse.

Keep in mind, each of these free stock photo sites lets you download, respectfully edit and use their royalty-free photos for personal and commercial purposes. Though attribution is not required, giving credit to the awesome photographers is always appreciated.

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