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About FoodBlogs.com

We are a community built especially for food bloggers — and the home cooks who love them.

Online and in our magazine, you’ll find a growing collection of recipes, cooking ideas and foodie inspiration — as well as practical tips for growing a blogging hobby into a booming business.

We are here for the kitchen creator: those of you who take everything that is best about cooking traditions and then go and leverage the revolutionary self-publishing opportunities of the internet so you can share, inspire, and motivate us to get in the kitchen and get cooking.

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We know you as everyday people who can cook, but with a special gift to share. We have tried your recipes and tasted your food, and we believe you are truly stars of the cooking world.

Our larger vision at FoodBlogs and Grateful Ventures is to help bloggers and creators take their brands beyond the blog with print publication features, event appearances and USA TODAY spotlight promotion opportunities. Under the USA TODAY umbrella, we’re working to develop FoodBlogs.com into a helpful, welcoming community built especially for food bloggers and their fans. Our mission is to make this a resource for your voices to be heard, your recipes to be seen and your site to grow.

We recognize the immense value of your tireless efforts in your home-based test kitchens to make meals and treats that are easier, faster, tastier, more unique and clever, more diet-friendly and/or budget-conscious.

Your food blogging has changed the way America cooks — and for that we are grateful!

We’re elevating the food blogger profile

Pinterest “In the Making” Creators Conference

In 2018, Pinterest held its first creators conference, co-hosted by Grateful Ventures. At “In the Making,” an exclusive, invitation-only event, over 250 bloggers, influencers and high-profile Pinners gathered at the Pinterest corporate offices in downtown San Francisco where they shared their personal stories, expert advice and best tips for growing and finding success on Pinterest. With keynote speakers, brands, and personalities all coming together, it was an exceptional and unique opportunity for some of the biggest names in the online space to network offline.

USA TODAY Wine & Food Event Series

Grateful Ventures was also a sponsor of the USA TODAY Wine and Food Experience series, hosting the Grateful House tent at 11 locations nationwide in 2018. Guests of the event, including industry influencers and food bloggers, joined us to participate in an interactive culinary experience, featuring cooking classes, music, art and entertainment.

On December 1, 2018, food scientist and blogger, Jessica Gavin, took the culinary stage at the Wine and Food Experience in Los Angeles.

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My food journey has taken me on some incredible adventures. This was my first live cooking demo at the Martha Stewart Food & Wine Experience in LA, it was a blast! I never realized how much coordination and effort it takes to put on an event like this. I’m so impressed and appreciate all of the efforts from the @gratefulandco and @usatoday teams to make everything run smoothly. I also had the opportunity to meet a culinary icon, someone I’ve been inspired by since I was jamming on my easy bake oven. She reminds me that brave and resilient women can run an empire. I’m thankful for the opportunity to do the things I love each day ❤️ – #culinaryscience #foodscience #cookingdemo #foodandwine #LAFWE #gratefulventures #usatoday #foodblogger #marthastewart #jessicagavin #womeninfood

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How to get featured

We are always looking for new talent to spotlight and new recipes to share!

If you would like the opportunity to be featured online or in future issues of FoodBlogs Magazine, contact us here.

What happened to the old FoodBlogs.com search engine?

It’s still here! Visit discover.foodblogs.com (or click Discover Blogs in the site header).

The Discover FoodBlogs section of the site hosts our legacy food blogger search engine featuring content snapshots that are aggregated from bloggers’ public RSS feeds. Through this portal, you can discover new recipes to try — and get to know the bloggers who have created them.

How to get your RSS feed added to our Discover page

Our Discover FoodBlogs search engine highlights the latest and greatest recipes from bloggers around the web. If you are a blogger who would like to have your RSS feed included in Discover FoodBlogs, please complete and submit this form for consideration.

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Thanks to the strength of our many strategic partnerships, the experts at Grateful Ventures can promote our influencers to the world in a way that no other company can match. Find out more about how we help turn bloggers into brands.

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Grateful Ventures, publisher of FoodBlogs, is looking to work with the most clever, creative and high-quality sites. Get in touch to find out how we can help you effectively monetize your content without compromising your readers’ experience.

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FoodBlogs.com and FoodBlogs: The Magazine are productions of Grateful Ventures, a Gannett Co. Inc. company and part of the USA TODAY NETWORK. Grateful Ventures is an online media and publishing coalition, focusing on building content and monetization strategies for high-value domains. Our creative collective brings together brightest minds in online media, with hard-earned expertise and deep intuition in business, design, development, branding, marketing, advertising, online media, videography and cinematography. We’d love to work with you — get in touch to learn more!

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