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9 Keto food bloggers to follow

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been following a keto-friendly lifestyle for a day or you’re practically a keto pro — navigating the constantly growing universe of ketogenic intel can be overwhelming.

You’re tempted to try out the roughly, oh, you know, 12 billion picture-perfect keto recipes on Pinterest. You don’t even know where to find guidance on social media. It’s information overload, to put it lightly.

Well, rest easy, keto converts. If you follow these nine keto food bloggers, you can’t go wrong. Step away from your latest no-carb Pinterest fail and let them guide you through this on-trend lifestyle change.

Keto Made Simple

While Julie Smith isn’t a “traditional food blogger” (instead of a blog, she has a Linktree landing page), she is widely revered in the keto Insta-community for her simple, no BS — read: no tracking macros! — approach to the ketogenic lifestyle.

While her 60-pound weight loss is undoubtedly impressive, what makes Smith’s story even more inspirational is that she successfully uses the keto lifestyle to combat the symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Bonus? Her husband is also a keto blogger worth following.

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Ditch the Carbs

Libby Jenkinson lives to make “real food, real easy.” Really! After stumbling onto the low-carb, high-fat mentality in 2013, Jenkinson realized how life-changing it could be and wanted to share the news.

At Ditch the Carbs, the mom of three — and registered pharmacist — offers a bounty of recipes that are refreshingly tasty and keto-approved. Mozzarella dough pizza rolls, get in our belly!

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Image credit: Ditch the Carbs/Instagram

Keto Connect

With Keto Connect, blogging couple Matt and Megha have turned their passion for keto into a global hub for others interested in the lifestyle. And, y’all, these two are a wealth of knowledge. They post new recipes and YouTube vlogs weekly, with dishes like pumpkin cheesecake bread that will leave you both drooling and in disbelief.
Not to mention, they routinely share Instagram posts that take the guesswork out of swapping high-carb recipes for keto-approved food instead.

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Image credit: Keto Connect/Instagram

Keto Karma

Say hello to your new keto superhero: Suzanne Ryan. Before discovering keto and starting her blog Keto Karma, Ryan felt sick and tired (and sick and tired of being sick and tired) most of the time. Since becoming a keto convert, though, she’s naturally lost over 120 pounds and inspired countless people with her journey.

In December 2017, her first cookbook, Simply Keto, was published, filled with the same kind of simple, wholesome, low-carb recipes followers have come to expect from Ryan’s Keto Karma blog and super-popular IG.

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Image credit: Keto Karma/Instagram


As the creator of the KetoDiet app, the KetoDiet challenge and the internationally bestselling author of five keto cookbooks, it’s safe to say Martina Slajerova knows her stuff. And her blog — with more than 1500 keto recipes — is further proof.

Not only will you find standard low-carb stuff like ceviche salad, Slajerova also makes sure to work in plenty of more unique recipes. Case in point? Her low-carb “black heart” cupcakes piled high with black frosting hiding an inside oozy red center.

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Image credit: Keto Diet/Instagram

Healthful Pursuit

A certified nutritionist, Leanne Vogel transformed her body through the keto lifestyle — which she’s been practicing for four years. According to her blog, Vogel’s keto journey ended a frustrating eight-year span during which she endured amenorrhea (skipped periods), hypothyroidism, ultra-low hormone levels and adrenal dysfunction.

Thanks to keto, Vogel is now healthy, happy and determined to spread the keto love.
When you visit her blog or Insta feed, expect plenty of delicious recipes along with a liberal sprinkling of positive messages for encouragement.

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Image credit: Healthful Pursuit/Instagram

Peace Love and Low-Carb

We can all probably relate to Kyndra Holley from Peace, Love, and Low-Carb, who decided after years of trying and failing to stick with low-carb diets that she’d had enough. She loves food! She wants it to taste good! So she set out on a mission to make keto-approved food taste just as good as any comfort food.

The result? She’s now an internationally bestselling cookbook author with a devoted following, hosts a popular podcast and has a new (ketogenic) outlook on life. Her blog and IG feed show that you can eat comfort food in a way that won’t rip you out of ketosis.

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Image credit: Peace Love and Low-Carb/Instagram

I Breathe I’m Hungry

Prior to 2011, Mellissa Sevigny found herself in a holding pattern: she knew she wanted to get healthier through a low-carb diet, but she always wound up getting bored and falling off the proverbial low-carb food wagon. Enter, I Breathe I’m Hungry. The blog gave Sevigny an outlet for getting creative with recipes, which in turn gave her a lasting passion for the keto lifestyle.

With everything from free meal plans and recipes to books and fun tips on her blog, it’s no wonder over 150 million people have sought out her site for keto advice.

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Image credit: I Breathe I’m Hungry/Instagram

Hey Keto Mama

Sam at Hey Keto Mama may not have as flashy of a social media following as some of the other bloggers on our list but give her time. As a mother, she knows being a parent can be all-consuming. Who has time to spend hours making complex keto-friendly dishes or tallying up macros?

Her mom-focused blog and IG deliver a daily dose of easy, breezy food that, TBH, doesn’t even look low-carb (but don’t worry, it is!). Besides, if the recipe itself doesn’t make you salivate, Sam’s killer food photography skills surely will.

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Image Credit: Hey Keto Mama/Instagram

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