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2019 food trend predictions from Whole Foods

Get ready to update your 2019 food blogging calendar plans. Whole Foods just released its annual food trend predictions for 2019.

While some of the trends are unique and unexpected, a lot of them are simply growing further from trends we’ve seen burst onto the 2018 scene.

Food bloggers can incorporate these trends for an added SEO boost. Plus, looking at trends can be a great way to come up with creative ways to up your recipe game.

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Here are our favorite trends from the list.

Extra hemp

Bring on the hemp, aka CBD!

CBD has already started taking over in 2018. You can find CBD gummies, coffee, dog treats, wine and even water nowadays. But expect to see more forms of incorporating the oil, hemp seeds and hemp hearts into recipes in 2019.

Fat bombs

Fat bombs are a must-have snacking item for anyone who’s on the keto diet. The fact that Whole Foods is predicting these delectable little morsels of fatty goodness will rise in popularity in 2019 means the ketogenic diet is here to stay. At least for another year.

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Meatless meat snacks

Thanks to the rise in popularity of plant-based diets and fads like the Impossible Burger, Whole Foods’ experts predict we will continue to see meatless meat products trending over the next year. Be on the lookout for items like pork-free cracklins and vegan jerky, and make plans to incorporate them into your calendars for a unique flavor boost.

Fancy frozen treats

Ice cream has dominated the iced dessert category for too long. 2019 is paving the way for unique and interesting ice cream innovations that will go beyond popular brands like Halo Top. Unique flavors like tahini, avocado and mascarpone will be on the rise, as well as globally inspired options like Thai ice cream and mochi.

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You can read the whole list of food trends expected in 2019 over on Domino.

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