12 recipes to celebrate National Popcorn Day on Jan. 19

Behold, one of the best holidays of the year is upon us — National Popcorn Day! Celebrating what is arguably the world’s most popular snack food (Americans alone consume 13 billion quarts every year) just feels right, and what better way to honor popcorn than by serving some up?

Whether you’re hunkering down for movie night at home or need to bring an irresistible snack to your next get-together, dressed-up popcorn won’t disappoint. From sweet to savory, not to mention sweet and savory, these recipes are perfect for munching.

Homemade caramel popcorn

Once you’ve made a batch of our buttery, gooey caramel popcorn, you’ll be ruined — in the best way! Because once you’ve experienced the magic (not to mention taste) of this surprisingly simple recipe, you’ll never go back to tubs of the bordering-on-stale store-bought stuff ever again.

homemade-caramel-popcron (1)

Easy cinnamon bun popcorn

When it comes to things that will always be right about the world, cinnamon buns and popcorn both have to be pretty high on the list, right? And when you combine the two, well, they shoot straight to the top. Don’t just take our word for it, though — whip up a batch of Baking Mischief’s easy cinnamon bun popcorn and see for yourself.

cinnamon-bun-popcorn (1)
Image credit: Baking Mischief
Sprinkled Nutella popcorn

The next time you can’t decide whether you’re craving something sweet or something salty, remember these two words: Don’t settle. You can have both. And few recipes tie those taste sensations together better than Best Friends for Frosting’s simple yet chic sprinkled Nutella popcorn.

nutella-popcorn (1)
Image credit: Best Friends for Frosting
Funyun popcorn

Let’s take a moment to praise the snack gods, because Real Housemoms stumbled upon this recipe by happy accident. A bowl of homemade popcorn, a little coconut oil and some spice later, Funyun popcorn was born. Bonus? Not only does this popcorn legitimately taste like Funyuns, but it’s also healthier for you than the delicious fried onion rings you find at the store.

funyun-popcorn (1)
Image credit: Real Housemoms
Cinnamon toast popcorn

While we could probably win you over just by telling you this recipe involves the crunchy, sweet goodness of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, we won’t stop there. Rather, we’ll really woo you by revealing Bijoux & Bits calls for a drizzle of white chocolate to top off her cinnamon toast popcorn.

cinnamon-toast-popcorn (1)
Image credit: Bijoux & Bits
Rosemary Parmesan popcorn with brown butter

Step up your movie night repertoire by trading in your standard popcorn for this upscale twist on that oh-so-classic cinema snack. The combination of rosemary, Parmesan and delectable browned butter in Bijoux & Bits’ recipe will make you feel like you’ve finally figured out this whole adulting thing.

rosemary-parmesan-popcorn (1)
Image credit: Bijoux & Bits
Maple-bacon kettle popcorn

You’ve undoubtedly already discovered the joy of maple and bacon merging in a symphony of taste. But did you know you can pop that combo into some kettle corn for an even more potent flavor profile? You can thank Brown Eyed Baker for that stroke of genius.

maple-bacon-kettle-popcorn (1)
Image credit: Brown Eyed Baker
Sriracha caramel corn

Yes, you read that right — this recipe requires you to douse caramel corn with gloriously spicy and garlicky Sriracha. If you think that sounds like a strange combination, well, you’d be right. Budget Bytes’ Beth Moncel, who created it, admits as much. But she’s also quick to point out that if you give it an honest-to-goodness chance, Sriracha caramel corn is totally addictive.

sriracha-caramel-corn (1)
Image credit: Budget Bytes
Honey mustard pretzel popcorn

If you like your popcorn savory as opposed to sweet, Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice has just the recipe for you. Because, really, you can’t go wrong when you combine the sharp and salty flavors of honey mustard, pretzels and popcorn.

honey-mustard-pretzel-popcorn (1)
Image credit: Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice
Chocolate almond Aztec popcorn with strawberries

Food scientist Jessica Gavin may have invented the holy grail of snack food: one that tastes indulgent but is healthy in equal measure. That’s what you get when you sit down with a serving of her chocolate almond Aztec popcorn. Superfoods such as strawberries, cacao, chia seeds and almonds are all nutrient-rich ingredients in this delightful dish. Oh, and did we mention the popcorn is coated in caramelized honey and vanilla with a spicy cayenne pepper-infused cinnamon topping? Hello, nirvana.

chocolate-almond-aztec-popcorn-with-dried-strawberries (1)
Image credit: Jessica Gavin
Cinnamon popcorn balls

There’s something about molding popcorn into a ball that simply makes it more fun, no? Especially when you incorporate a favorite nostalgic candy into the mix. Melted red hot candies give these spherical snacks from Recipe Girl a sweet little kick that you’ll adore.

cinnamon-popcorn-balls (1)
Image credit: Recipe Girl
Dill pickle popcorn mix

Calling all pickle lovers! Here’s the popcorn recipe you’ve been waiting for all your life. We (pickle aficionados that we are) love the clever way Fake Ginger uses dried dill and dill pickle juice to give this salty snack a perfectly pickle-y flavor. We’re also big fans of the fact it’ll really fill you up thanks to the addition of pretzel sticks, Chex cereal and Lance Grilled Cheese crackers.

dill-pickle-popcorn-mix (1) - Copy
Image credit: Fake Ginger

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