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11 yummy recipes to celebrate National Gluten-Free Day on Jan. 13

Whether you follow a gluten-free diet for health reasons or are simply interested in testing the waters, it can feel daunting trying to find tasty recipes that fit the criteria. But with National Gluten-Free Day on Jan. 13, you need some options, and ideally ones that prove going gluten-free doesn’t mean depriving yourself of flavor.

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The following 11 gluten-free recipes do just that, taking the guesswork out of observing (and enjoying!) this health-conscious holiday.

Cornbread with cherry butter

Following a gluten-free diet doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite comfort foods, and this cornbread with cherry butter is delicious proof. Let’s take a moment to give a huge shout-out to the person who made gluten-free flour — and therefore gluten-free baked goods — a reality.

Gluten-free recipes cornbread with cherry butter
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Pepperoni-stuffed baked potatoes

The next time you get an intense pizza craving, don’t lament your lack of the doughy stuff. Instead, make these clever pepperoni-stuffed baked potatoes from Budget Bytes. You’ll get the same classic pepperoni pizza taste sans gluten, and it’ll only cost you $1.44 per serving. Besides, these are sure to be a hit with little ones.

Gluten-free recipes pepperoni-stuffed baked potatoes
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Mushroom stuffing

Who says stuffing is a side dish meant only for holidays? This recipe inspired by Tasty Yummies is gluten-free, vegan and oh-so-worthy of being trotted out more than once a year. Break it out for a weeknight meal and wow your family with a combo of earthy-rich cremini and wild mushrooms along with an aromatic mix of onions, celery, veggie broth and fresh herbs.

Gluten-free recipes mushroom stuffing
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Tater tot casserole with cream of mushroom soup

Consider this a public service announcement: You can have your tater tot casserole and eat it, too, because this brilliant recipe is gluten-free. It starts with an indulgent base of homemade, gluten-free cream of mushroom soup and is topped with a tasty turkey filling and a generous layer of tater tots. Can you say yum?

Gluten-free recipes tater tot casserole
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Carrot gnocchi

Ready to be impressed? Blissful Basil’s carrot gnocchi is vegan, gluten-free and requires only five ingredients (plus sea salt). When your family goes wild for their vibrant color and wonderful taste, don’t forget to remind them you hand-rolled the gnocchi. Hey, you put in the work and whipped up a real winner — you deserve some accolades.

Gluten-free recipes carrot gnocchi
Photo credit: Blissful Basil
Winter cauliflower rice bowl

Healthy and incredibly versatile, cauliflower doesn’t always get the credit it deserves. Shine a spotlight on the cruciferous wonder when you whip up this winter cauliflower rice bowl inspired by Cafe Johnsonia. Red quinoa and riced cauliflower are complemented by a colorful cadre of butternut squash, roasted red onion, cannellini beans, fresh kale, toasted pecans and juicy pears.

Gluten-free recipes cauliflower rice bowl
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Smoky quinoa and black bean salad

Not all salads are made equal, and this gluten-free version inspired by Budget Bytes certainly isn’t your standard fare. Thanks to its heaping helping of both quinoa and black beans, this beautiful dish packs a nutritious punch of protein, fiber and other phytonutrients — not to mention the delicious dose of vitamins A and C from red bell peppers.

Gluten-free recipe quinoa black bean salad
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Easy steak and peppers

When in doubt, break the steak out! You really can’t go wrong with this classic protein, especially if you follow the lead of Cravings of a Lunatic (who inspired this recipe) and pair the juicy meat with veggies sautéed in a bit of oil. It’s a refreshingly easy dish, making it a no-brainer for those nights you just don’t have the energy to spend an hour at the stove.

Gluten-free recipes steak and peppers
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Chocolate chip ice cream dessert

No, this is not a drill — this gorgeous, chocolatey dessert is gluten-free. Best Friends for Frosting uses gluten-free cookie mix as a base, then covers it in chocolate, ice cream and crumbled gluten-free cookies to create this lovely little layered dish. Go ahead and file it in your recipe box under sweet discoveries.

Gluten-free recipes chocolate chip ice cream dessert
Photo credit: Best Friends for Frosting
Honey-thyme butter roasted squash

If ever you need a way to get your family excited about eating squash, here it is, friend. Not only does acorn squash have a naturally sweet and mild flavor, but this recipe takes the taste to the next level with a succulent honey-thyme butter. A hint of cayenne and a tinge of mint from the thyme add depth, ensuring this nutrient-dense dish is anything but boring.

Gluten-free recipes roasted squash
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Black Forest pancakes

Start National Gluten-Free Day off on the right foot with a breakfast fit for champions. Black Forest pancakes have tons going for them — starting with the obvious gluten-free factor. But they also boast a decadent taste and a showstopping aesthetic. So, you know what we say? Treat yo’ self!

Gluten-free recipes Black Forest pancakes
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