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101 evergreen content ideas for your food blog

You sit down to write a new food blog, fingers poised over the keyboard as you await some divine culinary inspiration — and yet, none comes. We’ve all been there.

A bad case of blogger’s block can tempt you to just give up and drown your frustrations in that rogue bottle of chocolate syrup stashed in the pantry. That’s not a road you necessarily want to go down (OK, maybe a little), but coming up with fresh content spur of the moment is enough to drive anyone to the brink of sugar-bingeing.

So, what’s a food blogger to do?

Well, evergreen content is here to save the day. With a little legwork now, you can map out content for months ahead of time — and evergreen ideas make dealing with blogger’s block days a total breeze.

To get your creative juices brewing, we came up with 101 evergreen content ideas (that aren’t just recipes) you can use as a jumping-off point for future posts.

  1. What’s in my pantry?
  2. Breakfast ideas for every type of morning person (alarm re-setter, early bird, etc.)
  3. Share a recipe
  4. A roundup of your favorite [knives, pans, cooking gadgets, etc.]
  5. How to improve your food photography
  6. What it’s like to go vegan/vegetarian for a week (observations, tips, etc.)
  7. The food blogger’s guide to taxes
  8. Your culinary wish list
  9. Your culinary bucket list
  10. A story about your biggest food fail (and how to avoid it)
  11. Photo journal of a trip to the farmer’s market or supermarket
  12. A roundup of your best recipes
  13. Best snacks to make for movie night
  14. Recipes for a romantic night in
  15. Favorite foodies to follow
  16. Unsung kitchen heroes: products and tools people don’t talk about enough
  17. Kitchen tour
  18. Ingredient of the day
  19. What a food blogger really eats in a week (with recipes)
  20. How to cook healthy when you travel
  21. Interview with [a celebrity chef, a popular IG chef, a baker, etc.]
  22. List of favorite foodie destinations
  23. Rant post about a foodie trend you just don’t get
  24. How to use a [zoodler, KitchenAid mixer, Instant Pot, etc.]
  25. A 30-day cooking challenge
  26. Best comfort foods
  27. How to become a food blogger
  28. A day in the life of a food blogger
  29. Kitchen items you couldn’t live without
  30. A personal story about who taught you to cook
  31. A definitive guide to the best instant teas
  32. Menu ideas for themed parties
  33. Apps and plug-ins every food blogger needs
  34. How to make sushi at home (safely!)
  35. Food blogger side hustle ideas
  36. Homemade foods that are easy to make
  37. Foodie gift guide
  38. Pinterest test kitchen — try a recipe you’ve pinned recently
  39. Quick and healthy snack ideas
  40. Meals perfect for kids who are picky eaters
  41. Ways to protect your clothes from food stains
  42. Food stains and hacks for getting them out
  43. Favorite drink recipes
  44. Best breakfast spots in your city
  45. Best lunch spots in your city
  46. Best dinner spots in your city
  47. A foodie’s guide to your city
  48. Brilliant and surprisingly basic food hacks (pinch a banana stem, etc.)
  49. Meals you can make ahead and freeze
  50. Food box/subscription unveiling and review
  51. Tips for utilizing odds and ends in your pantry
  52. Foodie facts about you (allergies, dislikes, strangest things you’ve eaten, etc.)
  53. How to be a food baller on a budget
  54. Thoughts that go through your head while watching a cooking show
  55. Food myths and the truth behind those foods
  56. Your favorite guilty pleasure food
  57. List (with links) to all of your Amazon foodie favorites
  58. Menu ideas based on your favorite movie
  59. Your favorite cookbooks
  60. A roundup of popular restaurant copycat menus
  61. Foods everyone should try at least once in their lifetime
  62. Your favorite foodie films (Chocolat, Julie & Julia, etc.)
  63. Your favorite TV cooking competitions
  64. Videos that will make you a better home cook
  65. Share your culinary dreams
  66. Brand breakdown: Who makes the best [utensils, pans, etc.]?
  67. Quick and healthy ingredient replacements
  68. What’s on your current kitchen playlist?
  69. Tips for avoiding a recipe rut
  70. Things you wish you knew when you started blogging
  71. Disney movie recipe roundup
  72. Share a regional recipe
  73. Publish your very own food blog manifesto
  74. Your favorite fictional character and recipes inspired by them
  75. Write a list of FAQs — and provide your responses
  76. Go-to meals for when you’re too tired to cook
  77. The best part of being a food blogger
  78. Talk about the history of a recipe or dish
  79. Instant Pot recipes
  80. Food hacks for road trips
  81. How do you stay healthy as a food blogger?
  82. Share a recipe or culinary technique you’d love to master
  83. Kitchen cabinet organization tour and ideas
  84. What skills does a food blogger need?
  85. Your favorite food traditions
  86. Interesting food traditions from around the world
  87. What is the best kitchen gift you’ve ever been given?
  88. Describe your first food memory
  89. Profile a fellow food blogger
  90. If you could invite three people to dinner, who would you invite?
  91. Quotes for foodies
  92. What is the toughest part of being a food blogger?
  93. Food and wine pairings
  94. Start a poll about the best types of pie, and use the responses to make a “pie chart”
  95. Tips for creating a sustainable kitchen
  96. Kitchen ingredients that can double as skin care
  97. DIY dog treat recipes
  98. The ultimate guide to selecting and storing produce (so it doesn’t spoil!)
  99. Outdoor recipes for your next camping trip
  100. A love letter to an underrated food
  101. List your favorite evergreen food blog post ideas for your followers

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