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10 Instant Pot bloggers to follow

Don’t get us wrong — there’s a time and a place for a slow-cooker. But let’s just say it’s no longer the heyday for that kitchen staple. The popularity of the pressure cooker (or Instant Pot) heralded the dawn of a new age. In this new day, you simply drop your ingredients in a pot and are greeted with a delicious meal mere minutes later — as opposed to hours.

If you haven’t already taken the pressure cooker plunge, what’s the holdup, friend? Take a cue from the following Instant Pot bloggers and change the way your family does mealtime with this ingenious appliance.

Pressure Cook Recipes

Curious about that Instant Pot recipe you’ve seen passed around Pinterest 100 times? You came to the right place. Pressure Cook Recipe’s Amy and Jacky spend their days testing Instant Pot and pressure cooker recipes to figure out which ones are worth trying — and which ones could use a few tweaks, too.

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Megan Gilmore, who runs the massively popular Detoxinista, isn’t exclusively an Instant Pot blogger. However, she did recently publish a cookbook devoted entirely to healthy Instant Pot recipes, and she has earmarked an entire section of her site for the same. And with mouthwatering offerings like garlic-parmesan spaghetti squash with chicken, her Instant Pot recipes are worth sticking around for.

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Piping Pot Curry

Piping Pot Curry’s Meeta grew up in Mumbai, where food defines the culture. So when she came to California, she brought that love of traditional Indian food with her — with a twist. Meeta gives those time-honored recipes a modern spin by making them in the Instant Pot. Simple and easy Indian dishes (and occasionally other global cuisines) anyone can make!

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Two Sleevers

Part of what makes this particular blog so unique is the story behind its unique name. Urvashi Pitre and her husband Roger struggled with their weight and, subsequently, their health for many years — until 2013, that is, when they both underwent vertical sleeve gastrectomies. So, two sleevers… get it now?

After the surgeries, the couple committed themselves to eating real, wholesome, healthy food. And that’s here the Instant Pot comes into play. The pair often uses it to cook up nutritious dishes like creamed corn chowder and Punjabi dry chicken curry. Yum!

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This Old Gal

When you want a hearty meal that will really warm you from the inside out, head on over to This Old Gal. The home-chef-in-charge, Jill, possesses a special talent for finding a way to make down-home comfort food more approachable.

How? She uses a pressure cooker, of course! Don’t just take our word for it, though — why not try one of her irresistible dishes like chicken jalapeno popper soup (with a creamy jalapeno cream cheese garnish, to boot)?

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Food Is a Four Letter Word

We can’t be sure, but we’re around 87% certain that Van of Food Is a Four Letter Word has some sort of culinary superpowers. How else can you explain something like pumpkin flan cake — as beautiful as it is delicious — made in the Instant Pot?

Follow her feed ASAP — but prepare to pick your jaw up off the floor daily. (If you need more incentive, just marvel over the wonder that is Instant Pot Vietnamese braised pork belly.)

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Cook With Manali

Say it with us: vegetarian Indian cooking. Sounds amazing, right? Now consider this — Cook with Manali’s Manali Singh specializes in that specific cuisine made using an Instant Pot. This changes everything, obviously. Food that once seemed inaccessible (i.e., vegan Thai peanut pineapple curry) is now just an Instant Pot’s arms-reach away.

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Image credit: Cook With Manali/Instagram

The Typical Mom

The Typical Mom’s Justine is, as her blog name would suggest, a mother first and foremost. And you know what that means? She’s all about healthy, affordable meals she can make for her family that don’t require a ton of prep work.

Justine did what any mama would — she turned to the Instant Pot. She now shares simple pressure cooker dinners routinely on her blog and social media feeds. And, in full disclosure, just looking at them will give you serious hunger pangs.

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Image credit: The Typical Mom/Instagram

Sidetracked Sarah

With six kids ranging from toddler to teenager, Sidetracked Sarah’s eponymous mommy blog embraces the pressure cooker lifestyle. Set it and forget it: what’s not to love? Her blog features a steady arsenal of comforting favorites like cheesy ground beef and shells, mixed with more colorful fare like pork carnitas. Yup — both Instant Pot recipes.

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Image credit: Sidetracked Sarah/Instagram

Damn Delicious

With nearly 300,000 followers on Instagram alone, Damn Delicious’ Chungah Rhee needs no introduction in the food blogger crowd.  She’s well known for sourcing fresh, simple ingredients and turning them into meals almost too pretty to eat.

Happily for fans of pressure cooking, Rhee recently expanded her culinary repertoire to include an entire blog section devoted to Instant Pot recipes. We’ve already added her Instant Pot pho and Instant Pot butter chicken to our must-try-soon list.

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Image credit: Damn Delicious/Instagram

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