Chicken Afritada With Pineapple

Chicken Afritada With Pineapple


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Pineapple Chicken Afritada




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Brighten up your dinner table with colorful and vibrant Chicken Afritada with Pineapple. This Spanish-inspired Filipino dish features chicken simmered with various vegetables in a flavorful tomato sauce. It’s guaranteed to become your new favorite!

*Note: This Pineapple Chicken Afritada first appeared on February 1, 2014. As it’s one of the most popular recipes on Yummy Addiction, I decided to update the post with new pictures and a video!

Chicken has always been the favorite type of meat in my family, hands down. It’s lean, it’s tender, it’s super versatile. However, lately, I am sick and tired of the same chicken dishes over and over. I mean, Chicken Scallopini on one day, Chicken Teriyaki Stir Fry on another day occasionally going with Chicken Macaroni Salad for a lighter dinner. Sounds great, right? It sure does but we all need to freshen things up from time to time.

I am looking for new and unexplored chicken dishes all the time. Pinterest, Youtube, Google, you name it. Some experiments fail (to be frank, the majority of them) but sometimes I do find a real gem that makes it all worth it. Today is the day when I want to share my latest crush with you, guys.  Meet Chicken Afritada with pineapple!

This Spanish-inspired Filipino dish is usually made with chicken or pork simmered in tomato sauce with various vegetables. In my case, it’s chicken with potatoes, bell peppers, onions, pineapple, and green beans. What a combination! Just look at all these colors. Vibrant, colorful, and crazy delicious!

Chicken Afritada is really easy to make and the taste is GORGEOUS! Perfectly tender chicken, delicious sauce, yummy veggies… I fried potatoes, carrots, and bell pepper separately before adding them to the dish. The reason – this way the veggies don’t absorb the sauce and have a different texture which brings a bit of a different flavor to this meal. Such a simple trick but it works!

I just HAD to share it with you all! Don’t forget to share it with others 😉

Have a great weekend!


Pineapple Chicken Afritada Recipe Video:

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Chicken Afritada With Pineapple

Prep Time

20 mins

Cook Time

30 mins

Total Time

50 mins

This Pineapple Chicken Afritada features chicken and tons of vegetables simmered in a flavorful tomato sauce. Vibrant, colorful, super delicious!

Servings: 4 people


  • 14 oz. (400g) can
  • 8 oz. (225g) can
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