Eating More Eggs: Leek+Mushroom+Bacon Quiche!

Eating More Eggs: Leek+Mushroom+Bacon Quiche!

Hey there!  Sorry I left you guys hanging for a while!  I’ve got the usual excuses: holidays, work being crazy busy, and of course the tiny human growing inside me ;) 

I’m lucky this pregnancy has been pretty easy so far, but I definitely can’t stay up as late as I used to and sometimes I used to write my blog posts before bed.  But now bed > blog. 

I still have lots to write about this pregnancy, but I thought some food would be a better “welcome back” post!

Brian and I have our first Bradley Method birthing class tonight.  If you want to learn more about the Bradley Method check out the link, but basically it is a a birthing course aimed at those who want to give birth naturally.  It’s a 12-week course (2 hours a week), covering everything from nutrition/exercise during pregnancy, birth plans, the stages of labor, and the husband as a coach!

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