Italian Baked Eggs - A perfect Breakfast Option

Italian Baked Eggs - A perfect Breakfast Option

Italian Baked Eggs…

Italian Baked Eggs are a complete breakfast in thenselves, and don’t take much time to bake. Since many of us eat eggs as a staple breakfast option, these baked eggs are a perfect alternative to scrambled or boiled that we are often used to. These eggs are also a great brunch option, since they are so filling, with cheese adding its unique flavor and weight to it.

Although many variations of this dish float around, the recipe I am sharing is the quickest and easiest.

Italian baked eggs are also perfect breakfast in a ramekin or breakfast in a mug. Italian flavors of basil and marinara sauce are showcased wonderfully. They can be enjoyed as is, or accompanied with Garlic and Herb Bread, with a nice big glass of Oats Banana Cinnamon Smoothie or Mango Vanilla Smoothie on the side. Here is how to make Italian Baked Eggs.


  • Salt to taste
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