Blueberry Picking Day Trip from Chicago

Blueberry Picking Day Trip from Chicago

It’s blueberry season!

Time to stock up the freezer, load up on this delicious super food, and eat more BLUE foods. It’s true what they say… those little, dark blue berries are delicious AND good for you.

We enjoyed our first trip to the Blueberry farm this past weekend and have another scheduled excursion for next weekend. Last summer, we stocked the freezer with enough blueberries to treat ourselves to pancakes, breads, cocktails, and muffins throughout the winter.

Blueberry picking certainly takes longer than apple picking. But, we’ve found it to be a calming family activity that sets us all on task with a common goal of luscious taste treats as a reward. If you live near Chicago, I have a suggested itinerary for a family day trip to Billy Boy’s Blueberry Barn in Indiana.

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