12 Most Popular Recipes of 2013

12 Most Popular Recipes of 2013

Is there anyone who likes traffic?

Where I live in Los Angeles, * I-405* , I-10 , I-101 , you name it, and it’s full of traffic most of the time.  Nobody likes it!  Ever!

There is one place though, where I actually LOVE traffic.  You heard me . . . LOVE!

Right here, my friends — on * Cooking On The Weekends * !  All of my fellow food bloggers feel this way (I presume).  After all, we think up creations, cook, photograph, write, publish, and promote, promote, and then promote some more — all in the hopes that you’ll come check it out.  We want everyone to visit!  Everyone and their friends, their families, their acquaintances — bring on the traffic people!  How about really heavy traffic?  Yup, we love that, too!  How about record breaking traffic?  Yup, we love that even more!  Those might just be some of our favorite, most fun and happy blogging days.

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