Six Weeks to a New (Vegan) You – Day 33

Six Weeks to a New (Vegan) You – Day 33

Six Weeks to a New (Vegan) You

Well, it had to happen, it was a bit awkward, uncomfortable, and it made me feel a little sick. IT, was the first time that I attended a luncheon at someone’s home, and they didn’t know that I am a vegan.

The lunch was in honor of a dear friend’s birthday. I’ve known one of the hostesses for over fifteen years. I adore her, but she’s not in my close circle of friends. The other hostess I’ve known for about five years, but again, we only socialize if we see one another at a party or social function. So, of course, they didn’t know about my change in lifestyle. Why would they?


  • Stretch, drink 8 oz. water, take vitamin D and B complex, and drink 2 cups of coffee with a splash of vanilla almond milk.
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