Six Weeks to a New (Vegan) You – Day 15

Six Weeks to a New (Vegan) You – Day 15

Six Weeks to a New (Vegan) You

Day 15

I’m so excited for today. It’s my turn to volunteer at the local animal shelter. Few things make me feel as fulfilled as helping those helpless dogs and cats find a forever home. The first time I volunteered I was worried that 1. I’d come home with a third dog, and 2. I’d leave feeling so sad. Well, my husband was relieved when I walked through the door empty handed. And, even though I did feel bad for the animals, I realized that I had done something to help get them one step closer to adoption. The icing on the cake was finding out that the dog, Missy, I took care of at the mall that first day, was adopted by a young, newly married couple. I introduced Missy to the woman and her mother at the mall. That’s such a great feeling!


  • Stretch, drink 8 oz. water, take vitamin D and B complex, and drink my cup of coffee with a splash of vanilla almond milk.
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