Mexico City: Pan Comido Vegetariano

Mexico City: Pan Comido Vegetariano

*Location & Hours & Notes *

Tonalá 91, Roma Norte, Cuauhtémoc, 06700 Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal, Mexico

Tuesday to Saturday 9am – 9pm. | Sunday and Monday 9am – 5pm.

100% Vegetarian. Very few vegan options. They serve hamburgers, hot dogs, falafel, sandwiches and salads.

They have a small outdoor seating area and indoor booth seating area.

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Pan Comido (Vegetariano) does offer several spots to photograph, with its beautiful decor and sitting area. It is a 100% vegetarian restaurant situated at Colonia Roma, Mexico City, DF. They do have couple of vegan options (the sort of trendier/hip cafes that offer portobello burger, etc. you will see elsewhere), but I don’t think their menu is entirely traditional. *I did not try their cuisine yet * , but would like to feature the restaurant here. Despite my so-so experience at Pan Comido , my vegan breakfast burrito could not be served due to unavailability, then I was given a salad choice (which was my least preferred dish). *So I left * since I wanted to try something unique and local (i.e., tacos, plenty of mole, enchiladas, plantain, etc.). Unfortunately I would go for the traditional eateries in Mexico City.

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