This and That

This and That

This and That


This is how our boys dress to go grocery shopping at Smith’s.

Get this on your calendar.


We went on two hikes this past week and our boys did great! I am amazed at what their little legs can do.

Here is a photo from our Ensign Peak Hike. Maxwell was so proud he made it to the top! I brought the backpack but didn’t even use it.

We attempted potty training with Maxwell this week, but he showed NO interest at all. He turns 3 next week so we thought it was a good time to try. Any advice for us? We’ve heard good things about this book. Anyone use it? Caleb was so easy. We told him to use the potty, he did, and never looked back. He only had one accident when he was playing outside and has never wet the bed. I have a feeling Maxwell is going to be very different.

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