Why I’m Not Vegan Anymore

Why I’m Not Vegan Anymore

Photo by Christian Urbina

Disclosure: I have nothing against veganism, nor am I trying to impose my beliefs onto others. This is simply my experience and how I responded to this lifestyle.

I was asked by several people to write about this topic and my own experience so, hopefully without judgement, here goes.

When I thought about becoming vegan at the age of 16 it was nothing more than my innocence getting the best of me and wanting to live as lovely as the girls I’d admire on Instagram who appeared to eat nothing but mangoes and green smoothies on the beach in Australia all day. I liked the idea of eating foods that are extraordinarily colorful and, of course, flavorful and good for you. I liked the idea of not eating anything that once had a breath. I liked the idea of being more rigid and black and white in what I could and couldn’t eat. I liked all of it. And I told my parents I’m going to do it.

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