Sponsor Shout Out: Fabulous Foodie Friends

Sponsor Shout Out: Fabulous Foodie Friends


Gawwwdd, is anyone else just SO happy it’s Friday? I mean this week. This week was…dumb. Just a big ball of frustration. But, alas it’s over and I’m excited for the weekend. So friends, let’s get this weekend started with a bang with a little shout out to some fabulous sponsors I have!

I’d like to introduce you to the beautiful Stephanie (or Stephie) of Eat Your Heart Out !

She lives in the burbs of one of my favorite cities, Chicago and is an avid and obsessed baker and cook. I love her site because her food is “from the heart”. You know each bite of one of her delicious recipes will make you feel good and give you the warm and fuzzies. Not only is her food from her heart, so is her writing. Her posts read like she’s sitting next to you telling them, which makes you feel more like a friend than a reader. And I just love that. So guys! Check out her beautiful blog and drool over her luscious recipes here , send her a tweet saying HI here and give her some Facebook love here !

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