My Love for Wine & A Giveaway

My Love for Wine & A Giveaway

HI FRIENDS!!! I’m so excited to bring y’all this giveaway that I’m practically dancing from the rooftops. Well, not really, but I’m pumped. But before we get into the giveaway goodie, we need to talk wine (since the sponsors of this giveaway are non other than the folks at Robert Mondavi Private Selection !)

So, as you know may know, I sort of like wine.

It’s my go-to. My drink of choice. My bad day cure and happy day elixir. So when I was contacted by the amazing people at Robert Mondavi, I happily jumped at the chance to help spread the word of their new web series, Tuesdays with Ted Allen and their brand new Facebook page ! The web series is REALLY REALLY cool (I’ve watched all of the episodes) because you are getting tips on wine pairings and dinner party etiquette by THE expert in that area as well as some simple, delicious recipes that pair so beautifully with Robert Mondavi’s classic wines.


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