Mango Quinoa Smoothie

Mango Quinoa Smoothie

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Success®. 1 box of Success® Tri-Color 100% Quinoa was provided to facilitate this recipe.

A recipe for all mango lovers, Mango Quinoa Smoothie has a boost of protein and fiber, and is the best way to use your mango haul this summer.

As you already know, I LOVE using my mason jar smoothie hack to make mason jar smoothies. It’s the best solution to that pesky problem of leftover smoothie at the bottom of the blender.

This summer’s mango crop is thriving and I make sure to take advantage of the great prices in grocery stores whenever I can. The other day I picked up a large box and used part of the haul to make my Mango Key Lime Tart and the other portion to make this Mango Quinoa Smoothie.

It’s not uncommon for Warren to request I add scoops of protein powder to his smoothies. I don’t like the texture that protein powder imparts in smoothies, so I wanted to find another solution. After a little research, I found quinoa to be the perfect add-in for an extra protein boost. Success is in the bag!®

Mason jar smoothies are all about ease and convenience. If I told you to rinse quinoa and cook it using one of my methods before making this smoothie, chances are, you’d probably never make it.

I turned to Success® Tri-Color 100% Quinoa for its convenience factor. Success Quinoa comes in pre-portioned, BPA free boil-in-bags, so all you have to do is boil. There’s no measuring or rinsing – such a time saver!

If that’s not enough, the bags are perforated, making draining a breeze. Literally, just lift it and allow the water to drain off.

Add the quinoa to your mason jars along with mango, bananas, and orange juice. Blend it all together and you’re all set!

This Mango Quinoa Smoothie is a must for all mango lovers and is so refreshing on a hot and humid day. By adding Success quinoa, the smoothie gets both a protein and fiber boost.

For breakfast or an afternoon snack, the Mango Quinoa Smoothie is guilt-free and nutritious.  

Here’s a fun tip: Because the bags are perforated, you have the flexibility to use any cooking liquid you’d like. When I want my smoothie to be sweeter, I’ll add apple juice to the water I’m cooking Success quinoa in. It’s a fun way to sweeten the smoothie without adding spoonfuls of sugar.

Mango Quinoa Smoothie


  • 1/4 cup sliced frozen banana
  • 3/4 cup diced frozen mango
  • 3/4 cup orange juice
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