White Bean & Chorizo Dip

White Bean & Chorizo Dip

Here’s the thing about cooking…

– most of the time, unless you are trying de-bone something or make brownies (the Holy Grail for me…), it really is so dead easy to make people think you’ve been slaving away all day, when in actual fact, what you are really doing is a rapid 20-minute assembly while listening to “ All Things Considered ” or “ The Power Vertical Podcast ” (give them 45 minutes once a week and you will be frighteningly up to speed on what is going on in Russia.)

This hearty white bean dip from Ali Barlow, founder of “The Edible Vineyard,” is a good example of this domestic slight of hand. Everyone goes ballistic when I set it out and there they are the next day, up at dawn e-mailing me for the recipe. I’m ashamed in a way that it is so very simple and requires almost no special culinary skill set. If you lose the chorizo , you can’t really even call it “cooking.”


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